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Here's why you need to be at Mortgage Revolution North East

Andrew T Berman
Aug 25, 2010

This blog post was originally posted at the Mortgage Revolution web site by one one original revolutionaries, Mark Green.  I’m talking to you – the street level, every day mortgage originator.  You’re the guy or gal who rode the wave of  easy refinance business in the mid-2000′s only to hunker down amidst a storm our industry has never seen when the market crashed.  You are a survivor.  You are the one carrying the torch for your industry now.  And Mortgage Revolution is your event.  It is organized by volunteers who will spend hundreds of hours making Mortgage Revolution North East happen.  We donate 100% of our profits directly to charity.  We have pulled off something very special – and we are asking you to consider being a part of our next event in NY. I’m going to list the main obstacles lying in your way to attending Mortgage Revolution North East from October 15-17th.  Then I’m going to debunk each of them: Reason #1:  I can’t afford it. At the heart of our mission with Mortgage Revolution was to make it accessible to everyone- no matter what their means or budget.  Here’s what Mortgage Revolution North East will likely set you back: ► Airfare = $250 round trip (NY is one of the easiest and most affordable cities to fly into from anywhere in the country) ► Your Mortgage Revolution North East Ticket = $249 (add $75 if you choose to join us for the optional Sunday Brunch) ► Your Hotel Room = $119 per night x 2 nights = $238 ► Incidentals/Food = $150 In my above scenario, you’re spending $887 – total.   Many of you live within driving distance of Westchester NY.  Others might choose to room with a friend to cut down on lodging costs.  Regardless – you’re likely going to spend less than a grand on Mortgage Revolution North East.  In our industry’s heyday, it would have cost you over $1,000 just for the ticket to the event (and another two grand flying out to Vegas and putting yourself up in a $300/night hotel).  Please, don’t let cost keep you from participating in Mortgage Revolution North East. Reason #2:  I’m not going to learn anything new. Au contraire mon frere.  The Mortgage Revolution curriculum is 100% meat with absolutely zero filler.  There is no vendor spam allowed.  You’ll be learning from actual originators who are getting stuff done TODAY – not folks who used to do it 20 years ago.  We’ll dive deeply into Social Media, Internet Marketing, Blogging, Video Marketing and Niche Marketing.  But perhaps best of all, you’re not just going to watch from the sidelines.  At Mortgage Revolution North East, we’re going to get you some hands-on experience with these powerful new tools.  Our goal is to have you armed and dangerous when you return into the office Monday morning. Reason #3:  I’m too busy. You’re too busy until you’re not too busy – and then it will be too late.  Look, we’re all busy.  Sometimes you have to slow down for a few days to get your batteries recharged and take in some new experiences.  Don’t worry – you’ll have your cell phone handy.  You’re going to have access to the internet and email 24/7.  We’ve seen deals getting done in the hallways and sometimes in the classrooms.  Maybe the most important point I can make here is that if you’re so busy that you cannot make a two day investment into your business, you might not be doing things the most efficient way possible.  At Mortgage Revolution North East, you’ll learn how top producing loan originators close 20+ loans per month, every month, and still find the time to do the things they want (and need) to do.  Last point here – Mortgage Revolution North East is a Fri-Sat-Sun gig.  You’ll only be out of the office one day. Again, this is your event and we need your support if we’re going to make Mortgage Revolution everything we know it can become.  If you’d like to get a flavor for what people who attended a Mortgage Revolution have to say, be sure to dig around our Facebook Fan Page. About the Author Mark Green is one of the many volunteers who helps make Mortgage Revolution possible. He lives in Atlanta, Georgia and is proud to serve the industry he loves. View Author Profile
Aug 25, 2010