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Keeping Up on Twitter for Business

Justin Restaino
Sep 11, 2013

If social media throws you for a loop, don’t feel bad because more than 50 percent of all business owners still do not work social media into their marketing. In this article, we are going to discuss how to use Twitter and how Tweeting can increase business. The one thing I love about Twitter is its simplicity and how easy it is to use. So if you are new to social media, Tweeting a wee bit of news is a great way to start out. Below are some suggestions on how to start off Tweeting ... ►Do not over-Tweet news and relative information to your followers. ►It's not just how much you Tweet, but what you are Tweeting about. ►Keep your Twitter feed up to date. ►Participate and re-Tweet other followers' Tweets. Set up a schedule to follow and incorporate other social media into your plan (Facebook, Google Plus, and other social media outlets). So how much Tweeting should you really be doing? According to a study by Track Social, they followed major brands in an effort to see if increasing their Twitter postings would lead to more sales. After concluding the study, they found that Tweeting about two to five times a day increased their visibility by 300 percent! Almost everyone uses Twitter, and due to the high volume, it is a great social media tool to have. Being in the mortgage business, you want to stay current with mortgage news, real estate and economic changes. Fannie Mae, Freddie Mac and almost all large banking corporations have a Twitter account, by following followers that are similar in nature is also a great way to network and build a solid audience of followers. Another important part of using Twitter is how to repost important news information. If you come across a news posting for mortgage rates or mortgage-related information, you can copy the link, but change up the title of the article you are Tweeting about. It is lazy to just re-post links and not make a comment on what the link is about. If you begin to lose followers, this could be a sign that you are posting too many Tweets, or you are not posting relative information to your followers.  Know your audience and market you are trying to reach, most importantly keep your Twitter feed up to date! K. Justin Restaino is vice president of Titan List & Mailing Services Inc. For more than 13 years, he has led Titan’s Mortgage Division, helping lenders of all capacities grow their businesses utilizing targeted direct mail. With a specialized focus in refinance and purchase markets, Restaino has the insight for proper data and mail application for success. He may be reached by phone at (800) 544-8060, ext. 204 or e-mail [email protected].
Sep 11, 2013