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The originator who threw his laptop out of the window!

Andrew T Berman
Jul 28, 2010

I have a good friend of mine, James Barnes, an Austin, Texas-based mortgage professional who recently decided that he wanted free himself of his laptop and REALLY "work anywhere, anytime." Sure, years ago, the "work anywhere, anytime" mantra meant you needed a place to set up your laptop and have a reliable Internet connection; however, what James wanted was complete independence from the laptop. His goal was to do presentations from his phone, have his clients complete their apps on his Web site, which he is then notified on his cell phone, pulls the credit report on his phone, sends PDFs for his clients to sign from his phone, and manage his pipeline from his phone. James is not alone! With the almighty iPhone 4, the slick Android-based phones, the iPad ... it's no wonder that many are predicting the death of the PC, with sales of desktops remaining flat through 2014, while the sales of smartphones are projected to double. James majored in journalism, has a background in publishing, but is now one of the top LOs in Austin. I am trying to convince James to write for us about his journey to liberation from his laptop and desktop computer to becoming a complete 100 percent handheld originator. He will share the apps and services he uses and how it has helped him originate 20 plus loans a month without an assistant! So PLEASE, comment below if you would like to read about the journey James has taken to a life without the laptop and if you too are trying to "go mobile."
Jul 28, 2010