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The Secret of Making Tons of Money With a Reverse Mortage Marketing Campaign

Dec 09, 2009

Here a several simple steps that you can do to make a ton of money doing reverse mortgage marketing campaign. Here a re 5 simple steps 1. Get a flyer designed professional print it on nice gloss stock. Check out example. 2. Use the right envelope. 3. Use a chart with numbers to show what the customers will receive. Don't use a sales letter people don't read. 4. Get a targeted mailing list with the right criteria selection. 5. Do a repetitive direct mail campaign don't be a one time charlie. Start off with a campaign size of 20,000. Send out 2,500 a week for 8 weeks. Then repeat again and again. The first few weeks will be slow. It's like a snow ball effect. Once it gets going it will work. We've been doing this for several client of the last 2 years and they made tons of money every time. It pays for it self. Reverse Mortgage Marketing Reverse Mortgage Direct Mail Sample
Dec 09, 2009