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Six Non-Traditional Mortgage Marketing Tactics

Patrick H. Seroka
Aug 08, 2012

Last week, I received a call from prospect who stated he was looking for some new, out of the box, “fresh” ideas to drive sales activity. It turns out that after speaking with this gentleman for about 10 minutes I uncovered that he wanted a “magic bullet” because he simply did not have the budget to do anything meaningful and sustaining. He needed a quick hit. A “fresh idea” by definition is an idea not previously known or used. Therefore, it’s not proven. So, let’s leave this type of experimentation to those that have the budget to experiment with, shall we? The fact is, the last great fresh idea came about when the internet was commercialized in 1995. In the year 2012 we are still unlocking the full potential of the internet which has opened doors that have become the driving force behind some of the greatest, most successful campaigns of our time. Given the conversation I had with this gentleman who seemed convinced I was withholding the almighty “magic bullet” from him, I felt compelled to write this blog to draw attention to several less traditional tactics that can be highly effective as part of a comprehensive strategy to market your mortgage company. None of these are new, or “fresh,” but they are certainly progressive and they are proven to be highly effective when executed well. Let’s take a look at each ... ►Flash mobs: According to Wikipedia, a flash mob “is a group of people who assemble suddenly in a place, perform an unusual and seemingly pointless act for a brief time, then disperse, often for the purposes of entertainment, satire, and artistic expression.” Flash mobs are carefully planned to draw attention to your brand. I haven’t seen an example of this for a mortgage company, but it occurred to me there just may be a place for something like this at a local home and garden show or convention…if you are daring enough! Here’s an example of a flash mob of dancers disguised as "dancing grannies" that invaded Times Square to kick off an awareness campaign for 3in4 Need More—educating Americans about long-term health: ►QR codes: These are the little boxes made up of black and white cubes that seem to be everywhere these days ... in store fronts, fliers, ads, sides of buses and more. These are similar to bar codes in that they hold information like URL’s so that once scanned by your smart phone, you are connected to a landing page with some valuable information or an offer of some kind. These are great for marketers because of the ability to track hits and demonstrate the effectiveness of a campaign and also show immediate ROI. ►Viral videos: These no longer occur by accident…marketers are tapping into this lucrative market to get the word out about their products and services. The great thing is you don’t need a huge budget to be successful. Check out this video recorded by Quicken which now has over 10,000 views: ►Infographics: According to Wikipedia, information graphics, or infographics, are graphic visual representations of information, data or knowledge. These graphics present complex information quickly and clearly. It is a fact that infographics encourage shares, shares build links and links are good for optimization. One way Google ranks your site is by looking at all the links that point back to your site. The more links, the better. Check out this infographic sample by Mortgage Choice, the largest independently owned broker in Australia, that explains what one needs to know about refinancing: ►Guest posting: Guest postings are a great way to build links and they also have hidden value. When a popular blogger lets you post on their site, they’re telling everyone who reads their blog that you’re an expert in your field. So, how do you get a popular blogger to allow you to post? Assuming you have taken the time to build a relationship with them, it’s easy – just ask. Most bloggers are open to having another writer post on their blog. If you are given this opportunity, don’t squander it by trying to get them to post something that is pure self-promotion…rather be sure to send something of value. Your post must benefit the host at least as much as it benefits you or you risk damaging the relationship. So there you have it … a handful of ideas to stimulate your imagination and determine how they might fit in to your marketing plan. Not all of these ideas may be right for you … be sure to consider the demographic makeup of your audience before spending your time developing these. If you’re not sure, feel free to drop me a line…I’m here to provide you with some insight and answer your questions. Was this blog helpful? Let me know what you think in the comment section below. Patrick H. Seroka is president and chief executive officer of Seroka, the only Certified Brand Strategists in North America specializing in the mortgage industry. With Seroka, you'll experience unique, second-to-none client service and benefit from compelling marketing communications. Plus, we guarantee your growth. For more information, call (262) 523-3740 or e-mail [email protected].
Aug 08, 2012