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When Relationships Were Key:

May 05, 2010

In this competitive market, customer service must be more than a checklist of daily activities. It should be evidenced as a mindset – a corporate culture that recognizes the dynamics of the products we sell, understanding our actions, the needs of the borrowers, the role of our Branches, Loan Officers and Operations Support Team. The loan file represents a series of relationships, all dependant upon how the loan process is fulfilled. Most importantly, our actions have a direct effect upon the lives of the borrower. In some cases, it is their first experience in the home buying or refinance process. For many, it is a defining moment in their lives, in which we participate as a critical link. It is important that we keep these concepts in mind as we work on loans, communicate and deliver information. This is a partnership. Our business and continued growth is tied to the loans we receive and the service we provide. Treat our clients with the same level of service and respect that we expect when we are the customer. Never forget that there is a borrower at the end of every transaction. Allen Friedman iServe Residential Lending
May 05, 2010