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Why is Your Results Where They are Today?

Tom Ninness
Apr 10, 2010

Why is your results where they are today? Being in the real estate/mortgage/sales industry for 29 years of which 27 years I’ve managed, coached and encouraged while still being a top producer. I’ve come to thirteen (an unlucky number) reasons or personality traits, why individuals are not top in their field. Here is my list. 1. I am new in the business. Congratulations!! Being new means that you haven’t formed bad habits, and hopefully you don’t have the personality traits of an under-achiever. I encourage you to become a student in your profession. I’ll get into what it takes to be a top performer. 2. I’ve become complacent and lack desire. This can kill your business. You most likely do not have the systems in place that create referrals. It’s time to make changes in your business or you need to change careers. 3. Business Plan or Luck. Thirteen years ago, (as I mentioned an unlucky number), I felt like number 2. I became complacent and definitely lacked the desire. With three sons heading to college I knew that I needed to get my act together so I went to find a coach. When the coach interviewed me, one of the first questions he asked me was, “Did I have a business plan?” I immediately answered, “Of course, I have a business plan!” His next response was, “Well, please email it to me.” It was at that point that I realized that I didn’t really have a business plan. I believe that some of us think we have a plan, but really it is based on luck. I was living proof of that. 4. I haven’t a clue. Well that’s being honest. I see sales professionals who haven’t prospected or made any phone calls to their sphere or past clients. Look at your current pipeline of A, B and C opportunities and if it looks bleak, you better start getting a clue or get out. 5. If you only knew my past experiences. This could be about past experiences in sales, past marriage or past childhood. Some people love to hold on to the past. There is no power in the past but the present. I lost both of my parents in my teens, I slept in a car for about two years of my life, and I was a drug addict for six years. I got in a lot of trouble as a youth and a young adult. Yet, with all of my past circumstances, I was able to overcome. I do not dwell in the past but live for the present. 6. Eagles or Ducks? Who do you hang out with? Do you soar with eagles or quack with ducks. If a duck is trying to utilize your time, then you need to create an action plan to stay away from the duck. Seek eagles and learn from them. You will then start to soar like one. 7. Everything has to be perfect. These types of individuals need to have the perfect flyer, the perfect script, and the perfect presentation before they do anything. Guess, what? Nothing gets done. 8. I haven’t figured out my niche. These individuals seem to read a lot, go to seminars, but are waiting for that lightning bolt to hit them and finally discover what they are supposed to be doing. 9. I could never be a top producer. If that is your mindset, then you’re right, you never will. If top producers were based on looks and physique, I would fail miserably. Being a top producer is a mindset. As a top producer, you always want to be towards the top in your profession. I read a bumper sticker once in Alaska and it went something like this, “ If you’re not the lead dog, the view never changes”. Think about that. 10. Top Producers are Unapproachable. When I suggest that one of my sales people talk to one of the top producers in the company, this is the response I get some times. A rookie Realtor friend of mine knew that she needed to learn from top producers. She sought out the top four female agents in her area and sent them a blank cassette tape, a check for $50.00 and a note. The note mentioned that she was new in the business and asked if they would share some ideas on what she needed to do to become a top producer. The $50.00 check was a thank you for their time and she also supplied a pre-paid envelop for their time. Well, all four agents call my agent, said that they wouldn’t accept her check and set up a time to have lunch, on them; and mentored my agent to becoming one of the top agents in the Denver area. 11. Salespeople don’t need accountability. I’ve had sales associates who have years of experience with little to show for it, tell me that they don’t do sales meetings, not interested in changing how they do business and since they are on commission, they will work their plan the way they feel fit. That doesn’t work well with a manager like myself who cares and encourages my sales associates to take their life and business to higher levels. It would be best to go work somewhere else. 12. I wish my company would invest more money in my business. This is an employee attitude versus an ownership attitude. If you work for a company, look at them as the one who issues you your check and you are responsible for the rest. That would include investing in yourself. 13. Lastly, I don’t like or know how to prospect successfully. Bingo. This is the number one reason why people do not success in sales. It could be from past experience, improper training, lack of confidence, it could be a number of things that the sales person uses as excuses so not to prospect. Top Producers Think Differently Here are my top ten reasons why sales people achieve where others do not. 1. Top producers invest money to make money. Polling top producers, they invest around 10 to 20% of their income back into their business through books, seminars, and systems. 2. Top producers work through a plan to call on the right people. For you to become successful, you need information, knowledge and intelligence. Top producers will try to learn everything they can to improve their percentage of success. 3. Top producers create systems that reduce interruptions. For myself, I know that by getting to the office at 6:30am, I will get a tremendous amount accomplished before anyone shows up. At 8:30am when the office starts to fill up, I’m out the door prospecting. Look for ways to reduce your interruptions such as check email twice a day instead of being reactive every time the email bell goes off. 4. Terminate unprofitable relationships. Get rid of the “time robbers” as wasted time is lost revenue. Let’s say you feel that your time is $100 an hour. Are the relationships, activities, and what you are investing in giving you the rate of return that you desire? If not, consider eliminating them. 5. Create a plan to be productive and focused on obtaining results. I have daily actions that I consider nonnegotiable. Actions such as: two thank yous a day, writing a minimum of 15 minutes a day, prospect two new clients, and call two past clients a day are just some of the actions I do every morning. By filling up my day with top actions, I will create incredible results. 6. A top producer knows quality will create more quantity. Choose excellence in your time, habits and actions. 7. Top producers react responsibly and in a positive and consistent manner. Top producers handle stress without blowing up and pointing fingers. They get problems solved right away, as they know if they procrastinate, things will only get worse. 8. Top producers schedule “life priorities” before business. God, family, physical and financial health are more important to them than a commission. 9. Top producers are long-term oriented. As in any business, a business plan is a must. Top producers will have a vision of their business three, five and ten years out. 10. Lastly, top producers succeed with a plan designed for success. Their plan will include: IT systems, marketing plan and budget, prospecting, data base management. They understand that prospecting, sales and marketing are key to bringing in the business, but they must also have a balance of customer service in place so not to drop the ball. Be conscious of the traits of the under-achiever and work the top ten traits of the top producer. You will see great results by thinking your way to the top. Tom Ninness is the Vice President/Regional Production Manager for Cherry Creek Mortgage in Denver, CO. He is also the President of Summit Champions, Inc. and creator of the “The 90 Day Journey to Your Sales Success”, a powerful 90 day action plan for the sales professional. To learn more about The Journey and Summit Champions, go to: or contact Tom at [email protected] Office: 303-840-0753.
Apr 10, 2010