January 2022

Black Loans Matter

What is motivating industry legend Ben Slayton to build the largest Black-oriented lender in the nation? Plus, the big New England Mortgage Expo returns, state mortgage regulators grapple with updated licensing rules, and we take a moment to review the guidelines for good credit.

Ben Slayton_pic 1
Cover Story
Housing Inequity, In Black And White

Why Ben Slayton is determined to build the nation’s largest Black-led mortgage lender

C-Suite Strategies
AARMR No Protection For Savanah Scares

Conference provides opportunity for regulators to interact, discuss common topics

Regulation and Compliance
Bob Niemi
Navigating the 5 C's — Credit Score
Navigating The Five C’s

New Year is a good time to review what makes up a good credit profile

Sales and Marketing
Rob Chrisman
The Story Of Your Success
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