Mortgage Banker Magazine
May 2023

Conquering The Empire

Don’t fear New York. To outsiders it may look like an intimidating place but it can be the land of opportunity. Also, learn about the advantages of second-lien mortgages vs. cashout refinance mortgages, why HECMs may not be the safe harbor people think they are, and in-depth commentary from Mortgage Banker Magazine’s industry experts.

Conquer -  Not Fear -  The Empire State
Cover Story
NEW YORK: How To Conquer - Not Fear - The Empire State

Roadblocks are many but payoff is worth it

Katie Jensen
Servicers Are Sinking Seniors
Servicers Are Sinking Seniors

Increase in foreclosures for HECMs a troubling trend

Capital Framework
Capital Framework Changes Will Strike Better Balance

Altered credit conversion factor increases liquidity of uniform mortgage-backed securities

Leah Dempsey, Jack Furth, Sohil Khurana and Zach Pfister
The Story Of Your Success
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2 Great Ways To Pad Profits
Empathy & Positivity: 2 Great Ways To Pad Profits

Simple focus on old-fashion courtesy should help your finances

Nir Bashan
MLOs Will Add Value
MLOs Will Add Value By Coaching The Borrower

Easily overlooked is the timing of making payments

Rob Chrisman
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