Mortgage Women Magazine
September 2022

Mirror Your Community

The face of the lending landscape is changing — lenders need to mirror the communities they serve; Embracing change has changed the life of Trailblazer Brooke Anderson Tompkins; The Perfect Storm — Understanding the current market; Conflict — Find the rainbow in the clouds; The perils of lock and shop; and Leadership skills necessary to motivate your team.

Face of Lending Landscape
The Face Of The Lending Landscape Is Changing

Lenders need to mirror the communities they serve to survive the next wave of buyers

Dr. Vanessa Montañez
Leadership Skills
C-Suite Strategies
Erum Nayani
Lock and Shop
The Perils Of Lock And Shop

Locking in a rate can be a valuable tool

Regulation and Compliance
Tyna-Minet Anderson
The Story Of Your Success
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Confidence and self-respect through conflict
Confidence And Self-Respect Through Conflict

Find The Rainbow In The Clouds

Tina Asher
Perfect Storm
The Perfect Storm

Understanding the current market

Analysis and Data
Chrissy Brown
Trailblazer Brooke Anderson-Tompkins
Embracing Change Has Changed Her Life

Trailblazer Brooke Anderson-Tompkins wants people to reach their full potential, personally and professionally

Laura Brandao
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