September 2022

I Hate NY

Nobody Loves NY — One of the busiest mortgage markets in the U.S. is largely unpopular with the mortgage industry; It may no longer be easy money, but house flipping is still profitable; Financial freedom still comes first, but homeownership is the second choice for Gen Z; Take care of the basics to guarantee success; Being ghosted is no longer exclusive to your social life; Financial system needs to be more resilient with ‘commando’ homeowners; Keep on top of the ever-changing real estate market by mining the stats; Your workers will face crises — a little preparation helps smooth things out; Keep yourself level headed so you can respond, not react; Keep the right attitude when no one comes knocking.

I Hate NY
Cover Story
I Hate New York

The Empire State is a place many mortgage originators actively avoid

Industry News
Steve Goode
Chasing goals
Ten Things An Originator Must Do In Order To Succeed

Those who are very successful know to take care of the basics

Dave Hershman
Professionally ghosted
So, You’ve Been Professionally Ghosted

This unsavory practice is starting to permeate into the professional world as well

Erica LaCentra
The Story Of Your Success
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Risky Business
Risky Business

Financial system needs to be more resilient in face of disasters

Regulation and Compliance
Lew Sichelman
Key stats
Key Stats To Watch In A Changing Real Estate Market

Keep an eye on listing price reductions to predict prices

Analysis and Data
Mike Simonsen
Cover for employees
How To Cover For Employees Gone For An Extended Period

Planning is important to avoid emergency responses

C-Suite Strategies
Tiffany Delmore
Reacting vs responding
Stop Reacting, Start Responding

A level head is important in both your personal and professional lives

C-Suite Strategies
Harvey Mackay
Stay positive
When Opportunity Doesn’t Knock, Stay Positive

Attitude has a bigger impact on performance than expected

Sales and Marketing
Mary Kay Scully
Gen Z American Dream
The American Dream Is Still Alive, According To Gen Z Consumers

Millennials and Gen Z prioritize financial freedom first and homeownership second

Sarah Wolak
House flipping 1
House Flipping Has Not Flopped

Profits are down but house flipping numbers are still strong

Distributed Retail
Sarah Wolak
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