February 2023

NMP Salutes The 2023 Diversity Leaders

NMP Salutes the 2023 Diversity Leaders; The mortgage industry's appeal for hard working immigrants; Overmanaging your pipeline can choke off revenue; What does your company stand for?; Get on board with buydowns; Five loan products that will make you thrive in 2023; Top seven social media tips to achieve greater success in 2023; Harsh words are hard to heal; The fight against mortgage fraud.

Diversity Leaders 2023
Cover Story
Honoring The Mortgage Industry's 2023 Diversity Leaders

Recognizing the companies leading the way for the mortgage industry to become more inclusive and reflective of the communities that they serve

Reaching potential
The Essential Element — Conducting Status

Don’t let management of your pipeline curtail production

Dave Hershman
Core Values
What Does Your Company Stand For?

The Importance of Establishing Core Values for Your Organization

Erica LaCentra
The Story Of Your Success
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Buydowns Vs Price Cuts
Buydowns Vs Price Cuts: We Have A Winner

Mortgage originators need to make sure they tout benefits of buydowns

Lew Sichelman
Thrive In 2023
5 Loan Products That Will Make You Thrive In 2023

How to rise above the rest in what is bound to be a distressed market

Joe Camerieri
Social media marketing
Get Lucky With These Top 7 Social Media Marketing Tips

Follow these strategies to achieve greater overall business success in 2023

Harsh Words
Harsh Words Are Hard To Heal

Respond rather than react for effective communication

Harvey Mackay
Mortgage Fraud
The Fight Against Mortgage Fraud

Empower your borrowers with the correct resources for better compliance

Mary Kay Scully
Why Do Immigrants Gravitate to the Mortgage Industry
Why Do Immigrants Gravitate To The Mortgage Industry?

There’s an appeal to being rewarded for a strong work ethic

Sarah Wolak
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