May 2021

Non-QM And The Terrible, Horrible, No Good, Very Bad Year

They called it “The Pause.” But those affected when Non-QM lending halted last year had choicer words. Plus, we provide insight into how buyers are reacting to rate volatility, give you the down-low on Down Payment Assistance programs, show why operating agreements are critical to new brokerages, and explain how following the rules of dating can boost your recruiting efforts.

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Cover Story
Non-QM’s Year Of Living Dangerously

A little over a year ago, COVID slammed the window down on Non-QM lending. Here's how lenders in that space coped, and how they've thrown the window open again.

Keith Griffin
Walking out
Rates Talk. Otherwise, Borrowers Walk

Lenders need to get more creative to keep price-sensitive mortgage shoppers.

Lew Sichelman
A woman in a suit pouts in front of her laptop, apparently bored.
Start Caring About Apathy

You can get worked up again about getting up for work

Harvey Mackay
The Story Of Your Success
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Photo of an employer recruiting a new employee.
What To Say At The Recruitment Appointment

Take it easy, take it slow, but be prepared and be helpful.

Dave Hershman
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Viral Marketing Lessons Learned

Covid wrenched many marketing plans. What can marketers take away – and regain – after more than a year of ducking and dodging?

Erica LaCentra
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