January 2022

People Who Need People

After two years of ramping up mortgage tech, consumers say lenders may have gone a little too far. Plus, we detail how to build out an ergonomic office that boosts productivity, how to amplify your brand message, and why this is the year to double-down on business-building relationships.

A robot fallen on its side.
Cover Story
When Tech Turns Off The Loan Spigot

Mortgage lenders embraced new technologies. But consumer satisfaction is taking a tumble because of it.

Lew Sichelman
An office worker touches her back in pain
Setting Up An Ergonomic Office

Get greater productivity, less burnout in just a few simple steps

A group of mortgage professionals speaking at a networking event.
Talk The Talk

A Key to Great Leadership: Communication Skills

Dave Hershman
The Story Of Your Success
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A young woman yells into a megaphone.
Is Your Brand Voice Loud Enough?

Don’t assume potential customers can clearly hear your message.

Erica LaCentra
Two hands reaching out to touch each other
Reach Out And Touch

How Better Communication Can Increase Your Bottom Line

Mary Kay Scully
A loan officer running up stairs.
Never Stop Getting Better

Why ‘The Greatest’ Never Settle For Being The Best

Harvey Mackay
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