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Refis, Refis: How to Handle Them in a Fluxuating Market

Jan 10, 2002

A la mode Rises Like MercuryMortgagePress.comA la mode, First American Corporation, eAppraiseIT, Mercury Network, MISMO, NASCO A la mode inc. announced that First American Corporation subsidiary eAppraiseIT LLC plans to begin testing new software, which will connect it to a la mode's Mercury Network. The network consists of true desktop software components and lender-centric server software. Custom software plug-in products, such as the Mercury plug-in, allow Mercury Network members in the lender community to leverage a la mode's coverage, technology and reputation with appraisers to enhance eAppraiseIT's trading partner relationships. During the pilot, eAppraiseIT will test a custom plug-in for Mercury, enabling its appraiser trading partners to use their favorite form-filling software, regardless of brand. Contents of the compressed-data container will include the Portable Document Format (PDF) appraisal report and the Mortgage Industry Standards Maintenance Organization (MISMO)-compliant XML tracking data. Workflow and review rules designed by eAppraiseIT will pre-process the report. A la mode inc. also announced that Nationwide Appraisal Services Corporation (NASCO) has joined the Mercury Network, and will begin development of its own Mercury plug-in to check appraisal data against both industry standard and company-specific business rules. A la mode inc., headquartered in Oklahoma City, is a real estate technology provider. For more information, visit or call (800) A-LA-MODE. eAppraiseIT LLC, headquartered in Poway, Calif., provides mortgage lenders with property- related value assessments required to measure loan risk. For more information, visit or call (800) 281.6200, ext. 2. Nationwide Appraisal Services Corporation, headquartered in Pittsburgh, provides nationwide provides appraisal and title services. For more information, visit or call (800) 920-0050.
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Jan 10, 2002
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