Rule Number One: They Already Have a Loan Officer

Rule Number One: They Already Have a Loan Officer

May 31, 2004

ComplianceEase allies with Entyre and Hanson Qualitymortgagepress.comregulatory compliance, audit reports, due diligence services
ComplianceEase has partnered with two companies, Fidelity
National Financial and Entyre, to aid in the compliance process for
Wall Street and the production of accessible audit reports.
Fidelity National Financial's Hanson Quality division and
ComplianceEase will serve Wall Street and other secondary market
investors by creating a comprehensive package of mortgage loan due
diligence services, which includes legal documentation, credit,
data integrity, property valuation, appraisal quality and
compliance reviews.
This alliance unites Hansen's proprietary CreditPro loan due
diligence application with ComplianceAnalyzer, ComplianceEase's
proprietary intelligent compliance decisioning system.
ComplianceAnalyzer automates regulatory compliance and quality
control processes, with particular focus on federal, state,
municipal high-cost and anti-predatory lending regulations.
Identity fraud may also be incorporated into the review.
Entyre has also chosen to integrate ComplianceAnalyzer into its
Web-based document production and workflow services. The compliance
analysis will be provided in real-time, equipping users with
detailed compliance audit reports. Results will then be displayed
electronically in the eMortage-X4 system as a one-page mortgage
compliance audit.
Headquartered in San Francisco, ComplianceEase provides risk
management solutions. For more information, call (415) 982-9000 or
Based in Jacksonville, Fla., Fidelity National Financial's
Hansen Quality Division provides collateral valuation and credit
underwriting services. For more information, call (800) 282-1104 or
Headquartered in Ann Arbor, Mich., Entyre provides Web-based
mortgage closing solutions. For more information, call (734)
761-1987 or visit