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Working with vendors to close more loans

Dec 07, 2004

SouthStar enriches relationships with partners and customerswww.mortgagepress.comcustomer service, online services, Loan Status Atlanta-based SouthStar Funding is taking care of its partners and customers by launching a one-two-punch of innovations. The company has created a Partnership Division that focuses on providing exceptional service, products and pricing to large, corporate accounts; while also adding a new service to its SouthStar Online Services (SOS), Loan Status, which provides an additional option for customers needing information about their loans. Joe Trovato, national sales manager for SouthStar, will lead a staff of experienced and knowledgeable account executives in the new Partnership Division. "Our focus is on building lasting relationships with our preferred partners by offering special products, services and pricing while maintaining the uniquely superior personal service for which SouthStar is known," said Trovato. "By creating a separate division with a dedicated team of underwriters and closers, we streamline operations internally and are able to meet the special needs of our larger customers." SouthStar will provide focused, custom marketing resources tailored to meet the needs of its partners' clients. In return, the preferred partners endorse SouthStar to their clients and direct business toward the lender. "SouthStar Funding's focus on providing uniquely superior personal service extends to large corporate customers in addition to our brokers," said Kirk Smith, president of SouthStar. "The Partnership Division is comprised of individuals with high levels of expertise and professionalism in the mortgage industry specifically chosen to look after our preferred partners. These partners now trust us to provide the special products they need with the same high levels of service they have come to expect from SouthStar." SouthStar's customer service will be bolstered by a new addition to its SOS, Loan Status, which offers easy access to real-time information to customers' loans online, 24 hours a day, and supplements SouthStar's phone, fax and e-mail services. "Loan Status was designed to offer our customers comprehensive real-time information," said Marc Kagan, vice president of eBusiness for SouthStar Funding. "The program is very intuitive and always available, including nights, weekends and holidays. The goal of Loan Status is to give customers enhanced options to share and receive information with SouthStar Funding. We provide our customers immediate access to the full conditions of their loans any time they have access to the Internet." Loan Status provides another means for customers to find information about their loans, making it easy to find answers to 90 percent of the most frequently asked questions. SouthStar provides its customers with many options, including e-mail, fax, phone and now online services to stay updated on the point-in-progress of their loan. Loan Status enables customers to see a detailed pipeline view of their loans, including the contact information of who is currently working on the loan and what conditions have been and still need to be met. For more information, visit
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Dec 07, 2004
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