Bipartisan national lending law soon to be a reality?

Bipartisan national lending law soon to be a reality?

February 1, 2005

Opteum puts its money where its mouth ismortgagepress.comOpteum Financial Services, Five-Star Experience, customer service
To show that Opteum Financial
Services LLC means business with its service-focused "Five-Star
Experience," Opteum's retail division is promising retail mortgage
customers stellar service or $500 in cash. Opteum's promise spells
out the company's service commitment and provides a phone number
and e-mail address for redemption if it does not deliver.
A study of borrowers by CFI
Group of Ann Arbor, Mich. found that mortgage lenders match
health insurers for the lowest customer satisfaction ratings among
financial services industries. The following "Five-Star Experience"
components were integrated to specifically address the issues that
cause consumers to give the mortgage industry low marks: a personal
mortgage team with access to information and empowered to make
decisions is assigned to each loan; fast approval is guaranteed on
most loans; loan tracker technology allows customers to apply
online and check loan status at any time; and communication efforts
address various costs and potential changes.
After closing, if a customer provides feedback within 30 days
that Opteum did not provide a five-star experience, the company
will send the customer a $500 check.
Headquartered in Paramus, N.J., Opteum Financial Services LLC is
a national financial services organization. For more information,
call (800) 810-7553 or visit