Senate introduces legislation to modernize the national housing act

Senate introduces legislation to modernize the national housing act

November 19, 2006

MISMO approves PDF developmentMortgagePress.comAdobe Acrobat
MISMO has reported that its eMortgage Workgroup has unanimously
passed a motion to develop implementation guidance for creating
electronically signed PDF documents, using the Adobe PDF 1.6
MISMO has been involved since 2001 in developing open,
voluntary, consensus-based standards and industry guidance for the
implementation of electronic mortgages. In recent months, the
eMortgage Workgroup and MISMO have been exploring the business,
technical and licensing ramifications of developing implementation
guidance for standardized e-documents based on the PDF
specifications that Adobe Systems Inc. maintains and publishes.
Some Adobe specifications have already been incorporated into the
standards of other standards-setting bodies.
The intent of this motion was to develop guidance that focused
on standardized e-signatures and document formatting (e.g., fonts
and layout) and not on e-documents that contain a View mapping to a
Data payload. In other words, the motion was intended to focus on
PDF e-documents, as they are being used in the industry today, and
not a View/Data structure that duplicates the functionality of a
Category One SMART Doc form. When Adobe publishes its worldwide
patent license letter for the Adobe Intelligent Document Format,
the workgroup will revisit the question of providing implementation
guidance for that technology.
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