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Evaluating the true cost of a reverse mortgage

National Mortgage Professional
Feb 27, 2007

Butterfly effect on the mortgage industryMortgagePress.comEric Weinstein I have been reading this great book about quantum mechanics. Part of it talks about the "butterfly effect." This is the theory that small actions sometimes combine to create big processes in unforeseen ways. The common example is that the flapping wings of a butterfly in South America can somehow cause a monsoon in the South Pacific. This is true of the people in the mortgage industry too. You don't know how a rude comment to a borrower in Florida may affect a loan officer in Rhode Island when the lady tells her sister about it. A shortcut on a verbal verification of deposit in Texas gets us cut off from a wholesaler, which affects a closing on a loan in Maryland. You can never know what effect a small negative thing you do can have on other people within the company. In the Jewish religion, it is said that the Lord plans on destroying the world every day, but will not do it if he sees just one kind act of a person. Whenever I deal with a particularly annoying person, I think of my favorite country western song that says, "What in case it was an angel" sent to test your faith? In every faith, we learn tolerance and willpower to avoid evil deeds. There is a reason for that. Stay away from shortcuts and treat people right. It has an effect on everyone in the company, if not everyone in the world. Do your part to save the world today. For further details, see your Bible, Koran, teachings of Buddha or other sacred writings. Your every action has repercussions. Eric Weinstein is CEO of Carteret Mortgage Corporation based in Centreville, Va. He can be reached at (703) 802 8000 ext. 117.
Feb 27, 2007
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