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J.D. Power and Associates reports customer satisfaction with HELOC is up

National Mortgage Professional
May 29, 2008

BasePoint releases fraud detection solution MortgagePress.comBasePoint, FraudMark for Home Equity, mortgage fraud BasePoint Analytics, a provider of scientific fraud and risk analytic scoring solutions, announced the availability of FraudMark for Home Equity, a fraud detection solution designed to address the home equity market, enabling lenders to fund loans with confidence. With current economic pressures and property value declines, home equity loans and lines are more vulnerable than ever before. This specific design and development based on millions of previous examples of home equity lines and loans allows this new release of FraudMark to uncover the unique patterns of fraud specific to this portfolio type. This enables the most precise selection of loans that will result in loss for the home equity portfolio. The FraudMark for Home Equity solution applies BasePoints proven pattern recognition analytics to new loan applications, enabling lenders to focus investigation on the most risky applications before spending resources for underwriting and external verifications. FraudMark can also be used to assess current risk within a home equity portfolio in order to take proactive measures to mitigate losses. "Lenders are suffering high losses on their home equity portfolios, often due to funding loans with undetected fraud such as income, employment, straw buyer and identity theft. FraudMark for Home Equity enables lenders to quickly discern if material misrepresentation that will lead to loss is present in a loan application, thereby cutting underwriting costs and portfolio losses," said Tim Grace, president and CEO of BasePoint Analytics. "Our focus on home equity fraud detection is critical to minimize risk in today's lending environment. Built on the industry-leading FraudMark foundation, our home equity solution takes advantage of patent-pending pattern recognition technology proven effective in other industries, such as the credit and debit card industry." FraudMark for Home Equity produces a fraud risk score in seconds indicating the likelihood that the loan application contains misrepresentation indicative of future loss. Accompanying the score are likely fraud reasons, risk indicators, and recommended actions for lenders to focus investigative resources on the highest risk loans. Lower scoring loans can proceed through the underwriting process, enabling efficient processes and meaningful savings to lenders. FraudMark for Home Equity is based on statistical models, and is more precise than data validation tools. Lenders get a large return on investment with the proven high detection rates. Analysis conducted on lender home equity applications shows a 50-60 percent detection of fraudulent loan value that would result in financial loss, by reviewing only 10 percent of the top scoring loans. Providing a timely, comprehensive assessment of fraud risk, FraudMark for Home Equity complements the BasePoint EPD Alert solution in protecting lenders from both fraud and other early payment default losses. In the past two years, clients have prevented over $2 billion in losses using BasePoint solutions. For more information, visit
May 29, 2008
Creativity Found In The Oddest Place

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Cenlar FSB Appoints Its 1st VP Of Cybersecurity

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