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FHA's guideline update: It's no joke

National Mortgage Professional
May 28, 2008

Mortgage Coach announces Analyze softwareMortgagePress.comMortgage Coach, Analyze software, Microsoft .NET The Mortgage Coach, a leader and innovator of selling tools and solutions and a provider of community, software and education for the mortgage industry, has launched Analyze, its all-new Microsoft .NET-based software platform. The long awaited Analyze has just been released after more than two years of research, development and beta testing. It is the fastest, easiest-to-use and most graphically rich selling system and presentation software on the market, enabling originators to shorten the sales cycle, increase referrals, reduce rate shopping and increase production. "Especially in today's market, borrowers are hungry for information about how a mortgage impacts their long term financial condition, but theyre also skeptical about the industry, so its critical to establish credibility immediately. You don't get second chances in this business," explains Analyze beta user Joshua Christensen, a top producing originator with Cummings Financial in Albuquerque, N.M. "With Analyze, I can quickly and easily impart valuable financial information that can make a significant, life-changing impact in the lives of my clients. Literally in just moments, I can create reports that broaden the borrowers focus from the short-term concern of interest rates to the bigger picture of long-term goals. With the industrys constant barrage of negative press, Analyze quells borrowers anxieties by showing quickly, and in no uncertain terms, how each choice will impact their overall finances, which helps borrowers make the most informed decision possible." Analyze is a new system on an entirely different platform than prior Mortgage Coach products. It was created to provide loan originators with the fastest, easiest and most effective way to establish trust, convey expertise and demonstrate the value of a new loan, and utilizes a .NET platform that ensures users always have the most current, upgraded version of the solution. The system's high-end graphics relay critical information professionally and quickly, and can be converted to PDF files and emailed to clients directly from the Analyze system, with just a few mouse clicks. "Simply put, Analyze makes it faster and easier to convey the information that leads to new high quality loans," adds beta user Michal Ann Joyner, a private mortgage banker with Wells Fargo in Scottsdale, Ariz. "The graphical reports go far beyond the good faith estimate that other loan officers are providing. When competing for loans, Analyze makes it fast and easy to stand out among the competition." Analyze combines the industrys best mortgage calculation tools with full color graphical analyses. It seamlessly integrates with top loan origination software on the market, including Encompass and Calyx Point. Among its highlights are: Visual loan presenter High-impact illustrative graphics can be generated in one click, creating full color proposals that not only shorten the time it takes for borrowers to see the value of a new mortgage, but also far exceed graphical reports used by the nations top financial planning organizations. Fast and easy e-mail marketing Users can create PDF graphical reports for emailing quickly and easily, right from the Analyze system. Seamless data integration nalyze offers seamless integration and data transfer with Encompass, Calyx Point and The Mortgage Coach Marketing Machine. Customizable and preloaded templates Users can personally brand reports and graphs with their company logos and other personal touches, or can use one of the many preloaded templates to save time and begin using Analyze to start building business immediately. Simple user interface System navigation and task management that previously took minutes now take only a few mouse clicks. A Microsoft .NET platform Hosted solution provides automatic updates to ensure that users have the most effective solution at all times. Better database management Users can manage multiple loans and properties per client while accessing more complete borrower, property and loan program information. Higher data control Users can search, filter and manage information for The Mortgage Coach's lead-generating RateWatch report. Diverse repayment and investment comparison Users can create comparisons of debt repayment vs. various asset accumulation scenarios to demonstrate how a new mortgage can impact the borrower's long term finances. Deeper financial data Weight blended rates and tax benefits features can be added to the overall mortgage plan analysis. "In this slow market, originators need a fast and easy solution that shortens the time it takes to win borrowers' trust and create a sense of urgency for a new loan. Analyze provides that solution," says Dave Savage, founder and chief executive officer of The Mortgage Coach. "It helps good originators become great, and helps struggling originators to originate new, more and better quality loans literally within a few days, even in down markets. We anticipate a great response to this release." For more inforamtion, visit
May 28, 2008
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