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Lender Lead Solutions to capitalize on Senior Lending Network name

National Mortgage Professional
Jun 12, 2008

LoyaltyExpress releases CustomerManager 3.0MortgagePress.comLoyaltyExpress, CustomerManager 3.0, marketing automation services, printing LoyaltyExpress has released the third generation of its marketing automation service, CustomerManager. CustomerManager delivers marketing automation services to mid-and large-market lenders and brokers. By creating best-in-class retention-marketing methodologies and programs, LoyaltyExpress continues to expand the power of mortgage enterprises by automating communications and empowering loan officers and executives with the discipline of consistently reinvesting in their businesses. As part of CustomerManager 3.0, LoyaltyEpress has announced the availability of dynamic cross-media campaigns. Cross-media campaigns consist of direct-mail and/or e-mail that point customers, partners, and prospects to Web sites (personalized to loan officers or companies) where requests are made for more information, loan applications, and customer surveys, for example. The possibilities are endless. All content and Web pages are dynamically created based on specific campaign rules. Multiple trigger-alerts are also built into CustomerManager, such as notifications to cell phones alerting loan officers that customers, prospects, and/or partners are looking to work with them. Cross-media campaigns also offer integrated tracking capabilities to determine response rates and response tendencies to fine-tune future campaigns. Campaigns can also be automated with corresponding, automatic responses to customer, partner, and prospect submissions. For instance, if a customer fills out an online survey, a thank you card with a gift card or other token of appreciation can automatically be sent out from the loan officer. "CustomerManager continues to be the most flexible and rewarding marketing service in the mortgage industry," said LoyaltyExpress Chief Executive Officer Jeff Doyle. "And, we continue to expand its core foundation by monitoring feedback from over 6,000 loan officers using it nationwide. It is exceptionally rewarding to translate loan officer and executive feedback into leading-edge customer-retention programs and services, powered by a world-class digital printing environment." The 3.0 release builds upon the original success of the service with the following enhancements: • Campaign deployment across multiple media (direct mail, pURLs, e-mail) with disposition recording for each contact and analysis of LO participation; • Reassignment of contacts to other LOs with LO turnover; • Company, division, branch distribution of leads; LOs select preference of receiving leads; • Privacy-settings management for do-not-mail/do-not-call permissions; • Individual databases for customers, prospects, partners for each LO; • Expanded data-driven alerts to notify LOs of events (birthdays, etc.) and loan characteristics (ARM resets, closing anniversary, etc.); • On-demand collateral and direct mail store with both LoyaltyExpress-developed and client-specific marketing collateral; • Hierarchical access, reporting, and creative content assignment; • Chain-of-custody certifications from Forest Stewardship Council (FSC), Sustainable Forestry Initiative (SFI), and the Programme for Endorsement of Forest Certification (PEFC). CustomerManager is available on a subscription basis, and its technology is patent-pending. For more information, visit
Jun 12, 2008
CHLA Advocates Attorney Opinion Letters As Alternatives To Title Insurance

CHLA asks FHFA to explore use of the letters.

Dec 06, 2023
Helping the H.E.L.P.E.R.s

Federal bill poised to open up market to more teachers, first responders

Dec 01, 2023
Fidelity National Financial Hit By Cyberattack

Industry-leading provider of title insurance and settlement services radio silent on reported breach.

Nov 28, 2023
Citizens Bank Bids Farewell To Wholesale Mortgage Channel

In a strategic pivot, the Providence-based banking giant will stop accepting new wholesale mortgage submissions.

Nov 16, 2023
Surprising Surge In Mortgage Customer Satisfaction, J.D. Power Study Reveals

Study found first-time homebuyers were harder to satisfy, customers don't just shop rates.

Nov 16, 2023
Women Continue To Defy Homebuying Challenges, Representing 22% Of The Market, Survey Finds

Young, educated, diverse, and increasingly savvy, women homebuyers navigate homeownership hurdles with determination.

Nov 15, 2023