FHA reaching out to 675,000 at-risk homeowners in second phase of direct mail campaign

FHA reaching out to 675,000 at-risk homeowners in second phase of direct mail campaign

June 18, 2008

Trilogy Commercial Lending launches phase one of Pinnacle IT Development’s commercial automated underwriting systemMortgagePress.comTrilogy Commercial Lending, Pinnacle IT Development, commerical mortgages, CAUS, Prequal Loan Quote
Pinnacle IT Development, a provider of technology to the
financial services industry, has announced that Trilogy Commercial
Lending has launched phase one of the Commercial Automated
Underwriting System (CAUS) to their small-balance commercial
lending clients.
This first phase of what will be a comprehensive Web-based
automated underwriting system specifically for small-balance
commercial lending includes the Prequal Loan Quote function coupled
with a real-time pricing engine. The upfront guesswork, typical to
small-balance commercial lending, is a thing of the past. Now users
receive an accurate debt service coverage ratio (DSCR) calculation,
real-time pricing and a transaction-specific requirements list.
"As a Web-based system, CAUS is available to our clients
on-demand," said Sean Brogan, Trilogy Commercial Lending president.
"It empowers brokers and community banks to make confident business
decisions and commitments to their customers at the beginning of
the transaction. The Prequal Loan Option and pricing engine allows
our clients to provide their customers with ease of execution and
quick delivery."
The volume of small balance commercial loans is projected to be
$200 billion in 2008; up 154 percent from the 2004 level of $130
billion. Mortgage Brokers and community banks seeking a
profit-niche opportunity outside of the unstable residential
lending market are embracing the underserved small-balance
commercial real estate segment. The CAUS allows newcomers to enter
this market space intelligently and confidently without fear of
compromising loan origination and referral relationships.
Currently, community and mid-sized banks are under more pressure
from the Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation (FDIC) to avoid high
concentrations of commercial loans to maintain more adequate loan
loss reserves and aggressive credit risk-management practices. CAUS
allows these institutions to eliminate subjectivity from the
approval process and ensure that underwriting standards are in
"In the 90s, automated underwriting systems changed the face of
residential lending in terms of uniform risk assessment, accurate
pricing and regulatory compliance," said Erik Rowan, president of
Pinnacle IT Development. "We've matched the business needs of the
small-balance commercial market with the technology necessary for
prudent lending practices."
For more information, visit www.trilogycl.com.