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Convergys launches loan modification solutions
Jun 05, 2009

Convergys Corporation, a global leader in relationship management, has announced the immediate availability of new Convergys Loan Modification Solutions. The solutions enable mortgage service providers to quickly and effectively respond to heavy customer demand for refinancing by leveraging Convergys’ skilled live agent assistance and award-winning self-service automation technology, proactive outbound communications via voice, e-mail, or text, and analytics to encourage loan retention and new lending, while lowering service costs. The solutions are available as a full suite or as individual services. According to HOPE NOW, a coalition of lenders, servicers, investors and housing counselors, approximately 134,000 mortgages were adjusted in March, nearly 20,000 more than the average since September. "Mortgage companies and financial services institutions are faced with managing this incredible volume of requests. They require tools that are specifically designed to help them manage the call volume while still driving a superior customer experience," said Andrea Ayers, president, customer management, for Convergys. "Convergys loan modification solutions give mortgage providers a single source for the tools they need to meet their primary objective--increasing retention by proactively managing the experience to optimize customer value over the life of the account." Financial services institutions, mortgage companies, and government organizations alike can tailor the solutions for their specific business needs and timelines thereby avoiding costly one-off customizations. The ability to tailor the solution eliminates the need to commit to an end-to-end system. The Convergys Loan Modification solutions include skilled contact center agent services, on-demand intelligent self-service automation from Convergys On-Demand Speech, outbound notifications for proactive communications to customers, and analytics to aid with intelligent routing and measurement of customer satisfaction. This building-block approach allows mortgage providers to quickly increase their capabilities to accommodate large volume of customer calls about company- and government-initiated programs such as the Homeowner Affordability and Stability Program (HASP). With the new Convergys Loan Modification solutions mortgage providers can realize: ● Rapid scaling of operations: Streamlined training quickly prepares agents to answer loan program queries and capture eligibility data within weeks. Customized IVR/voice portal automated applications are ready to answer basic frequently asked questions. ●Reduced service costs: Efficient automation resolves simple program and eligibility queries and enables better management of high call volume. Intelligent call routing to equipped agents mean appropriate, faster answers. ●Increased customer satisfaction: Agents trained on a client’s program with pertinent qualifications and document information improve the customer experience. Customer satisfaction analytics/surveys highlight valued operational enhancements that increase satisfaction. ●Help retain and support new lending: Experienced agents provide empathetic help to galvanize trust and loyalty. Key features of the Convergys Loan Modification Solutions are: ● Loan Modification Support Agents: Skilled customer contact agents support refinancing process through handling of program inquiries and eligibility data collection. ●Inbound/ Outbound Automation: IVR/voice portal with speech automation efficiently answers inbound basic inquiries and frequently asked questions and provides proactive outreach to eligible homeowners. ●Consulting and Analytics: Customer satisfaction surveying with analytics as well as operations and technology consulting to improve satisfaction and operational productivity. ● Early Treatment and Collections – Preventative counseling and early treatment with customer outreach program. Also, accounts receivable management/collections analytics and operations at licensed sites. For more information, visit
Jun 05, 2009
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