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Appraisal Institute offering customized appraisal education for lenders
Jun 16, 2009

To assist banks and mortgage lenders with appraisal training, the Appraisal Institute has created a specialized, customizable educational program titled "Commercial Appraisal Engagement and Review for Bankers." Participants of the program will learn how real estate appraisals fit into the regulatory scheme for financial institutions. In addition, lenders can work with Appraisal Institute instructors to customize the content and duration of the program based on the needs of their staff. “We are proud to announce that one of the Appraisal Institute's world-class education programs can be customized to fit the unique needs of mortgage lenders,” said Jim Amorin, MAI, SRA, president of the Appraisal Institute. “By working with our instructors, lenders and their staff can learn the latest terminology, understand the changing regulations, and become familiar with proper procedures—and do so according to their specific needs.” Developed for groups as an on-site or live online Webinar program, the "Commercial Appraisal Engagement and Review for Bankers" seminar can be delivered as a four or seven-hour program. Discussions and explanations covered in the seminar include topics such as: ► How to interpret appraisal requirements (appraisals vs. "evaluations"). ► Appraisal compliance (managing approved lists, who can order and review appraisals within your institution). ► Appraisal options (the different types of appraisals and when they can be ordered). ► Understanding appraisal standards (the Uniform Standards of Professional Appraisal Practice). ► Latest terminology and changing regulations. ► What should go into your appraisal policies and procedures. ► What to include on your review form. ► What should be covered in an engagement letter. “Bank examiners and regulatory agencies are scrutinizing appraisal ordering and review procedures now more than ever while market conditions are exposing financial institutions to new risks that strong risk management practices can mitigate,” noted Amorin. “The Appraisal Institute can help lending institutions navigate through these concerns by offering customized appraisal training.” For more information, visit
Jun 16, 2009
Fitch Places Fannie, Freddie On Negative Ratings Watch

Ties credit rating to outcome of U.S. debt limit negotiations.

FHFA Director Strongly Defends New GSE Pricing Framework 

Tells House committee it’s “simply not true” that financially stronger borrowers are subsidizing others.

MBA CEO Criticizes Government Response To Economic Challenges

CEO Bob Broeksmit calls for sensible Regulation, clarity, and support for the mortgage industry.

Freddie Mac Updates Income Assessment Tool To Use Digital Pay Stubs

Says new capability helps lenders calculate borrower income more quickly and precisely.

MISMO Seeks Comment On Updated Closing Instructions Format

The new set of enhanced work products designed to create a common format for closing instructions. 

Fannie Mae Executes 5th Credit Insurance Risk Transfer Of 2023

Covered loan pool includes about 53,000 single-family mortgage loans with a UPB of approximately $18.1 billion.