Homeowner Toolbox implements eligibility parameters for Making Home Affordable Program

Homeowner Toolbox implements eligibility parameters for Making Home Affordable Program

July 21, 2009

Homeowner Toolbox Inc. has announced that their online tool will now identify eligibility for President Barack Obama’s Making Home Affordable Program. The company uses a proprietary Probability Meter that accurately predicts the likelihood of a positive lender loan modification based on the unique financial makeup of each user. Few homeowners understand that they can be denied for simply being off by even ten-dollars from their lender’s unique “sweet spot.” The meter will now also identify a user’s eligibility and “pre-qualify” their financial scenario as compliant with the complex guidelines put out as part of Obama’s Making Home Affordable Program. The meter works in real-time and moves up or down as each piece of financial data is entered into the online Financial Worksheet (required as a key part of any loan modification package). The Probability Meter varies based on the specific lender and helps a homeowner better zero-in on their most attractive disposable income amount--the key factor used by lenders to determine eligibility for a loan modification. 
“In order to support the efficiency of President Obama’s new program, we felt it was important to implement its basic underwriting guidelines into our tool,” explains Andy Firoved, CEO of Homeowner Toolbox Inc. “Being armed with the knowledge that they are ‘qualified’ under Obama’s plan gives homeowners an important edge when negotiating with their lender.”
Unlike other modification solutions that cost thousands, Homeowner Toolbox offers a detailed financial evaluation with tailored guidance on how best to present a modification package to a lender for maximum results, for a fraction of the price – only 99-dollars. The homeowner is then provided with a print-ready/submission-ready package that can be sent directly to the lender, direct from the homeowner.
For more information, visit www.homeownertoolbox.com.

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