Homeowner Toolbox's Probability Meter improves odds for loan mod success

Homeowner Toolbox's Probability Meter improves odds for loan mod success

September 3, 2009

Homeowner Toolbox Inc. is helping homeowners wade through the complexities associated with the loan modification process and teaches users how to avoid the roadblocks that prevent consumers from getting a modification. Most homeowners are unaware that they can be denied for being off by even $10 from their lender’s unique “sweet spot.” To arm homeowners with this inside knowledge, the company has introduced a proprietary tool called the Probability Meter that accurately predicts the likelihood of a positive lender modification. The meter works in real-time and moves up or down as each piece of financial data is entered into the online Financial Worksheet (required as a key part of any loan modification package). The Probability Meter varies based on the specific lender and helps a homeowner better zero-in on their most attractive disposable income amount--the key factor used by lenders to determine eligibility for a loan modification. The tool also shows that it is very possible to achieve a modification without being delinquent on mortgage payments--a popular misconception perpetuated in the press.
“Currently only 20 percent of loan modifications are being approved,” said Andy Firoved, CEO of Homeowner Toolbox Inc. “Consumers often feel they have to exaggerate their financial hardship or be delinquent on payments in order to qualify for a modification. This is absolutely FALSE, and we have the successful modifications to prove it.”
For more information, visit www.homeownertoolbox.com.

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