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September 21, 2009 Founder, President and CEO Brad Geisen, has announced that he has built the first-ever short sales offer management system that handles marketing, processing, negotiating and closing services all in one central location. QuickSale is an easy-to-use platform that simplifies an often long and complicated process, bringing together all parties--distressed homeowners, lenders, investors, buyers and agents--who all share one common interest: Moving real estate inventory as fast as possible under the best terms.
"Short sales are the ultimate solution when it comes to solving the national foreclosure crisis now and in the future," said Geisen.
In short sales situations, banks or mortgage lenders agree to discount home loan balances prior to selling because of economic (local home values have plummeted) or financial (unemployment) hardship on the part of homeowners. Geisen states that helps cash-strapped homeowners avoid foreclosure and minimize the negative impact on their personal credit, allowing them to pursue alternative housing options worry-free when the time is right.
On the lender side, banks ensure instant liquidity for the defaulted loans on their books, maximizing the amount (often 80 to 90 percent of market value) that they can get out of distressed properties in a much shorter timeframe (30 to 90 days). closes the loop by bringing in agents and buyers located throughout the United States and beyond who purchase the distressed properties at negotiated prices before the banks repossess them. Agents who coordinate short sales from start to finish through the QuickSale system earn commissions.
"Banks lend money, they're not in the business of marketing and selling real estate--certainly not on today's current scale," said Geisen. "And their loss mitigation departments are just too overwhelmed at this point. is a structured tool that provides much-needed support and relief. It short circuits the entire foreclosure process to ensure the best possible outcome for all parties involved . . . quickly."
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