Loan Resolution Corporation announces the hiring of 50 new employees

Loan Resolution Corporation announces the hiring of 50 new employees

September 24, 2009

Loan Resolution Corporation has announced the addition of 50 employees as demand for short sales skyrocketed. The additional employees also required the Scottsdale, Ariz.-based company to relocate its headquarters to a larger 30,000-square-foot office in North Scottsdale that is capable of housing 250 staff members. The 50 new employees were added in the third quarter as the company experiences unprecedented growth.
“The explosive growth of our company is a direct result of the added demands from servicers,” said Travis Hamel Olsen, chief operating officer of Loan Resolution Corporation. “The servicers we are speaking with want immediate and future capacity and we have built our operation to accommodate their needs.”
The increase in employees makes Loan Resolution Corporation one of the fastest growing companies in the state of Arizona. The company is also fully compliant with the Federal Debt Collection Practices Act.
With 20 percent of homeowners underwater, the government is introducing new legislation to steer struggling homeowners toward short sales instead of foreclosure. The Treasury Department is announcing imminent legislation aimed at encouraging short sales in order to reduce foreclosures and prop up the nation’s ailing real estate market.
“Considering that there could be more than three million foreclosure starts in 2009, it is safe to assume that there will be a continued need for short sales for some time to come,” added Olsen. “We will continue to add capacity to meet the huge surge in demand for short sales.”
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