Integra rolls out Destiny single documentation solution

Integra rolls out Destiny single documentation solution

October 8, 2009

Integra Software Systems has announced the availability of a complete lending solution for mortgage, consumer and commercial lending.  Integra partnered with Compliance Systems Inc. (CSi) to integrate CSi’s IntelleDoc Solutions, a comprehensive dynamic documentation system, into its Destiny product as the single documentation solution to satisfy all its business channels.
Destiny is fully configurable with documents, screens, products, loan pricing, fees and other requirements served up dynamically to the user based upon numerous user defined guidelines. A single point of administration is provided, yet business channel autonomy is preserved. Interfaces to disparate systems are gone and Destiny makes cross-marketing opportunities a reality.
Jerry Pratt, President of Integra, states “Our clients really come out the winners with this joint development effort. They get the efficiencies and consistencies that a single, synchronized system can deliver. Plus, with CSi’s IntelleDocs in the background doing the heavy lifting for compliance, document selection and document creation, they get the assurance that every transaction—no matter what line of business—is done right the first time.”
Two hallmarks of the CSi IntelleDoc Solutions include its data driven approach combined with a single data schema that support all traditional lines of business: mortgage, consumer and commercial lending. To that end, the LOS system collects transaction data and passes it to the CSi software where it is evaluated through extensive built-in logic. That logic combined with the unique structure of the CSi Data Schema (patent pending) then goes on to select and assemble the correct documents to perfect the transaction in any jurisdiction.
Rick Allen, senior vice president of operations for Integra, adds, “The way CSi architected its whole IntelleDoc Solutions, in particular what they did with the CSi Data Schema, really gave us an edge up in our development efforts. Through the Schema, we were able to manage all the data holistically in the Destiny system. Essentially, our developers could tackle a piece of data once—no matter how many times it’s used, no matter where it appears in documentation and no matter what line of business it appears in. It’s a “map once, deploy many” philosophy that enabled us to bring mortgage, consumer and commercial lending to market in just over a year of development time. “
“In today’s financial environment, lenders want a single origination system that can handle multiple product lines so they can gain efficiencies and focus on profitability,” said Dennis Adama, CSi president. “INTEGRA has done a great job building their Destiny product to leverage the CSi technology so it creates efficiencies and a delivers a real bottom line advantage for our mutual customers.”
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