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ISGN implements new user interface for LenStar default network

Apr 01, 2010

ISGN Corporation, a provider of technology products and services to the U.S. mortgage market, has implemented a new user interface for its LenStar technology, a Web-based attorney and referral communication system for default management. The new user interface, which has a streamlined navigation with an updated, intuitive design, has been designed to easily accommodate the addition of new features and functionalities in future generation roll-outs of LenStar. “With the proliferation of foreclosures and bankruptcies throughout the past several years, lenders and attorneys need increasingly more sophisticated technologies that reduce transaction time and enhance the overall user experience,” states Dave Heigl, product manager for the default suite of products at ISGN. “We enhanced LenStar’s invoice management functions with our release of the Invoice Processing System earlier this year, and now we have updated LenStar’s user interface to match that system. This is one of many exciting projects that expand the LenStar platform and capabilities. Part of being an ISGN customer is knowing that we are constantly improving our technologies to fit the evolving needs of our users.” The LenStar network provides servicers access to lenders and attorneys servicing over 25 percent of the residential loans in the country. With LenStar, users are able to share critical foreclosure and bankruptcy loan information, right from their desktops, reducing the need for phone calls, faxes and shipping. LenStar also automates the ordering of title, AVM (automated valuation model) and BPO (broker price opinion) evaluations. For more information, visit  
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Apr 01, 2010
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