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The Wierman Group announces three new real estate iPhone apps
May 06, 2010

The Wierman Group, a firm that markets 21st century tools for real estate investors, has debuted three new iPhone apps which will help investors save time and make smarter deals. The Real Estate “Investor Offer Calculator” is an app that acts as a personal real estate assistant by automating calculations to analyze the Maximum Allowed Offer (MAO). The formulas used in the application ensure that the real estate investor will make a profit in any particular deal. This calculator takes into account property price, repairs, closing costs, profit, and other factors in order to instantly determine the maximum amount an investor should offer to purchase a property in order to make a profit. By using the Real Estate Investor Offer Calculator, investors can quickly determine whether or not to invest in a particular property to ensure profitability. The “REO Deal Hunter” application automates the search for bargain discounted properties which have gone through the foreclosure process and have been returned to the lender. Each time an investor signs in to this app, they will be able to find the exact contact information to acquire these deeply discounted properties. Investors can use this tool to discover bank real estate owned property. Unlike other similar free applications listed in the Apple app store, the REO Deal Hunter does not require the investor to subscribe to an expensive web based foreclosure property search service. The “Real Estate Investor Alert” application will search by zip code for deeply discounted properties which are currently on the market, are not in foreclosure, but have huge profit potential. On any given day, there may be numerous properties on the market which can be acquired for less than 50 cents on the dollar. Using the Real Estate Investor Alert app will point you in the right direction toward finding and purchasing these types of properties. For more information, visit
May 06, 2010
Rocket Mortgage Signs Brand Partnerships With 25 College Athletic Programs

Rocket Mortgage, announced its extended visibility and branding throughout college campuses with new and expanded multi-year partnerships.

Sales and Marketing
Sep 08, 2021
Flyhomes Designs The Antidote To Homebuyer’s Remorse

If buyers don’t love their home within the first year — for any reason — Flyhomes will list the home on their behalf and waive their commission.

Sales and Marketing
Aug 26, 2021
Should A Rebrand Be In Your Future?

Make sure you’re communicating who you are.

Sales and Marketing
Aug 05, 2021
Knock Provides Home Swap To Homeowners In Chicago

Fast-growing real estate technology company, Knock, is partnering with 10 local brokerage firms to bring the Home Swap to homeowners throughout the Chicago metropolitan area.

Sales and Marketing
Jul 30, 2021
Ruoff Mortgage Announces Multi-Year Partnership With NASCAR

NASCAR and Ruoff Mortgage, a residential mortgage company, announced a multi-year partnership that will designate the company as the “Official Mortgage Partner of NASCAR.”

Sales and Marketing
Jul 16, 2021
Eye, Eye Sir

When I widened my perspective, solutions seemed to fall into place.

C-Suite Strategies
Jun 19, 2021