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Equator launches agent short sale certification program for real estate agents

May 17, 2010

Equator, a software provider of default servicing solutions, has announced that it has launched its Agent Short Sale Certification Program to assist real estate agents with the increasing demand for short sales. Since January 2010, Equator (EQ) has seen short sale volumes nearly double those of real estate-owned (REO) properties on its platform. Equator developed the Agent Short Sale Certification Program to train agents on the regulations and best practices necessary to complete a short sale. To become certified, agents create an account on Equator's Website, choose the training modules for a Silver, Gold or Platinum certification and must pass the necessary tests to acquire certification. "There are more than 55,000 short sale listings posted on our platform each month, compared to 28,000 REOs. This is a clear indicator that agents should be embracing short sales," said Chris Saitta, chief executive officer at Equator. "Real estate agents on the Equator platform will now have the tools and knowledge necessary to make the most of market conditions and assist their clients with quick and efficient short sale transactions." One percent of the 694,000 real estate agents on the Equator platform are certified, and that one percent has been receiving 21 percent of the REO listings. Equator expects similar results with its short sale listings. Lenders, servicers and now homeowners can search for agents on the Equator platforms. EQ Certified agents appear at the top of those searches, with the EQ Certification logo next to their name. For more information, visit 
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