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Countdown To Buy helping to unlock significant REO opportunities
May 26, 2010

Countdown To Buy, a next generation online real estate marketplace that offers fair and effective solutions to buy and sell properties, has announced that real estate agents are seeing measurable benefits from the company’s innovative online marketplace that enables a buyer and seller of a real estate-owned (REO) property to agree to their best terms in less time.  “Real estate agents are a valuable resource and trusted partner in Countdown To Buy’s model so we are pleased with their positive feedback,” said Tom Furey, managing partner of Countdown To Buy. “Agents in 16 states are clearly benefiting from the tools and services we provide, such as appraisals, BPOs, neighborhood information and automated offer management, to help clients make an educated offer quickly on a foreclosed property. There is no doubt our commitment to transparency is significantly reducing, if not fully eliminating negotiation on a sale, saving time for everyone involved, and creating a home buying experience with less anxiety, more certainty and confidence than ever before.” Countdown To Buy’s offer management platform reduces the price one percent per day within a seller approved range until a buyer’s offer meets the daily price. Every property has an assessment and valuation review completed by independent professionals and their reports are posted for all prospective buyers to see. By offering 100 percent transparency and a confidential and trusted offer management system, equality is inherent throughout the entire home buying process. One REO real estate agent from Oregon who recently worked with a client to purchase a foreclosed property said, “Countdown To Buy is a refreshing change. Having an appraisal as well as a BPO available online to support the price range made educating potential buyers and their agents about the market value of property a snap. I secured an offer in the first week … and we closed within the next 20 days.” Regarding Countdown To Buy’s commitment to a level playing field one agent said, “The process, while new and different, was not difficult and truly allowed for a sealed bid atmosphere open to legitimate competition… [Countdown To Buy is] open to communication from the agents and works with you to actively set the stage for an excellent program. I find this to be a highly effective form of marketing.” For a video tutorial of how the Countdown To Buy process works for real estate agents, please click on the following "How It Works for Agents" demo. For more information, visit  
May 26, 2010
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