Washington Department of Licensing suspends real estate licensee

Washington Department of Licensing suspends real estate licensee

September 13, 2010
There was bad news for SunTrust in the latest test results from the Office of the Monitor of the National Mortgage Settlement (NMS): The company failed one of its first quarter tests related to the collection of default-related fees

The Washington Department of Licensing (DOL) has indefinitely suspended the real estate licenses of Hellickson.com Inc., managing broker Michael Hellickson, and broker Tara Hellickson for misconduct following the investigation of 27 consumer complaints. They are barred from engaging in any real estate business and transactions, pending further disciplinary proceedings.
While investigating these complaints, DOL investigators found evidence of ongoing patterns and practices that financially harmed consumers. These practices included:
►Misrepresenting to sellers that the home would be purchased by the broker if it didn’t sell within 30 days.
►Telling homeowners to stop making mortgage payments so they could do a short sale
listing homes at prices not authorized by the homeowner.
►Listing homes at artificially reduced prices in order to generate low-ball offers.
►Misrepresenting the contents of listing agreements by having homeowners sign blank addenda and later filling in unacceptable list price authorizations.
►Failing to provide sellers with copies of executed listing agreements.
►Telling homeowners to vacate their home before they were legally required to do so
communicating negligently with homeowners, potential buyers and lenders.
The DOL also found evidence of false advertising about the real estate practice. The company’s Web site claims Hellickson is the number one agent in both Hawaii and Oregon, when neither of them is licensed to sell real estate in either state. The Web site also claims the Hellicksons or their company, Perfect Fit Loans, can provide home loan services, but this company is not licensed by the Department of Financial Institutions (DFI).
Consumers with a pending transaction or a signed contract with the Hellickson group are encouraged to seek advice from an attorney or a licensed real estate broker before taking any action.
For more information, visit www.dol.wa.gov.

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