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Calyx Announces the Acquisition of Loan-Score Decisioning Systems
Dec 22, 2010

Calyx Software has announced the acquisition of Loan-Score Decisioning Systems Inc. The addition of a product and pricing engine, an automated underwriting system, as well as FHA eligibility decisions to the number one mortgage origination platform, further solidifies Calyx’s end-to-end offering. “This is a historic move for Calyx Software; a very significant and strategic move to better serve our customers and further our presence in the lending industry,” said Doug Chang, president of Calyx Software. Calyx Technology Inc. has purchased the assets and business of Loan-Score Decisioning Systems Inc. Beginning immediately, Calyx will execute on the integration of the two companies and will be working to leverage the value of this acquisition to bring new and better products to the market. The service experience for Loan-Score customers will be business as usual, contact numbers and personnel will remain the same. Loan-Score Decisioning Systems is a 10-year old company out of Irvine, Calif. that offers their clients a full suite of decisioning solutions satisfying small, medium and large production and servicing organization needs. The modular suite includes a product & pricing engine (PPE), automated underwriting system (AUS), portfolio analysis engine (PAE), channel focused point-of-sale (POS) Web portals, a system-to-system integration bridge and more. Loan-Score maintains a comprehensive, up-to-date library of investor guidelines and pricing to ensure eligibility is met and market conditions are adjusted to deliver precision-based underwriting that result in fundable and saleable loans. These options are available via software-as-a-service (SaaS) and self-hosted technology models. Loan-Score integrated with Point in September of 2010 giving mutual customers added efficiencies as well as cost saving opportunities. “Loan-Score’s AUS and its interface to FHA TOTAL Scorecard, are two major differentiators from their competitors," said Dennis Boggs, senior vice president of business development of Calyx. "This is what made our initial integration important and now underscores the value and significance of the acquisition. We are extremely pleased to be gaining a stronger foothold in the industry. By combining the number one loan origination suite of products from Calyx with the Loan-Score product offerings we are maximizing our value positioning for both our current and prospective customers.“ As a result of this purchase, Calyx will be adding staff within the next several months to accommodate the business and customer needs of both companies while optimizing the two talent pools of current staffing. For more information, visit
Dec 22, 2010
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