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a la mode's Mercury Network Adopted by LocalChoice AMC for appraisal management

Mar 31, 2011

a la mode has announced that LocalChoice AMC has now standardized their appraisal management operations with a la mode’s Mercury Network Vendor Management Platform (VMP). Mercury Network brings several benefits to LocalChoice clients including access to Mercury’s unparalleled depth of real estate appraisers with 100 percent nationwide coverage. “Mercury Network is an easy-to-use, reliable and comprehensive solution to managing appraisal orders,” said Tom Choquette, President of LocalChoice. “Our current and future clients will benefit greatly from the easy access to top appraisers, even in ‘outside the norm’ coverage areas.” LocalChoice clients will see additional benefits including superior quality control of the final appraisal reports delivered. Since Mercury connects LocalChoice to the desktops of over half the nation’s appraisers, quality control rules are automatically checked on the appraiser’s desktop before the report is sent to LocalChoice. The rules are set by LocalChoice to suit each of their individual clients’ needs. “Another huge benefit for our clients is the ability to customize the automated email updates that are sent to the parties to the appraisal transaction. We’re able to strike a balance so everyone is kept in the loop without getting deluged with unnecessary updates,” said Choquette. The integration also gives LocalChoice and their clients Native XML for compliance with the GSE’s coming MISMO XML 2.6 mandate. Instead of the error-prone PDF extraction or OCR techniques some will attempt, Market Appraisals clients will submit appraisal reports to the UMDP's "front end" without fear of rejection or file correction fees. "We’re proud to have been selected by LocalChoice. Compliance with all the new regulations, as well as the highest quality in the finished appraisal report are our shared priorities,” said Jennifer Miller, executive vice president of products for a la mode’s Mortgage Solutions Division.
Mar 31, 2011