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Byte Software Forms Compliance Partnership With Docu Prep

Sep 09, 2011

Docu Prep, a nationwide closing document, initial disclosure, and electronic delivery services company, has announced a partnership with Byte Software, a provider of loan origination software (LOS) for banks, credit unions and mortgage bankers and brokers, offering their services to Byte Software’s customers. This completed integration is available now allowing for easy access to Docu Prep from within BytePro Standard or BytePro Enterprise, the hosted or non-hosted version. Byte Software users can order initial disclosures or closing documents; as well as other business solutions that Docu Prep offers. They have a vast array of products to make the mortgage professional’s loan process more streamlined by providing secure electronic delivery tools, loan analysis testing, bar-coding and dynamic selection of documents. BytePro Enterprise has a fully SQL database offering comprehensive in-depth mortgage calculations built into the program. The software is ready “out of the box” or it can be fully customizable including automation to meet the unique mortgage business processes of various companies. It includes a back office module for lenders to sell loans on the secondary market for either best efforts or mandatory delivery. “We are very excited about this integration," said Docu Prep Senior Programmer Brian Ashton. "It will allow Byte customers the ability to use BytePro as their single source database eliminating the need for gap screens, document selection, or additional input which will make them more efficient end-to-end saving them time and money throughout the process.” Docu Prep and Byte Software each have more than 20 years of experience working closely with mortgage industry leaders. This partnership provides compliant documents nationwide and advanced productivity LOS features enabling clients to close more loans in less time. “Because our documents are dynamically generated we can customize any package on the fly which allows BytePro customers a fully customized solution to fit their exact needs," said Dorothy Urborm, Docu Prep’s senior document analyst.
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