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GCC Launches New User Interface for G/SERV

Feb 23, 2012

GCC Servicing Systems, a provider of mortgage servicing technology and solutions, has introduced an updated user interface for its G/SERV end-to-end loan servicing platform. The new navigation takes a streamlined design approach with the increased use of tabs and menu bars that more intuitively structure servicer needs within the system. The simplified menu design enables users to access any area of the system with one click and improves efficiency by reducing the time needed to complete functions. “GCC’s new user interface is sleek and well organized,” said Don Calcaterra Jr., president of Towne Mortgage Company. “The more intuitive layout not only benefits our staff that are already familiar with the platform, but also greatly reduces the training timeline for new users.” Workflow functionality has also been enhanced to include the ability to automatically send users tasks and messages based on loan status updates. By clicking on the assigned task, users are taken directly to the appropriate module within G/SERV to complete the required action. This functionality aids in tracking tasks, next steps and messages related to Single Point of Contact (SPOC). “G/SERV offers servicers an array of advanced functions that automate the servicing process, and we wanted the architecture of the system to match its abilities,” said Glenn Liebowitz, president of GCC. “The goal was to create a platform in which any area could be reached with one click. We have achieved that with our new interface and believe the improved efficiency and enhanced workflow capabilities will assist our clients with handling high default volumes, SPOC and other challenges servicers face.”
Feb 23, 2012