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Clear Capital Examines QC and Risk With New ClearQC Offering
Mar 28, 2012

Clear Capital, a provider of data and solutions for commercial and residential real estate asset valuations, has announced the availability of ClearQC, a fully-hosted service to automate the review of broker price opinions (BPOs) and appraisal reports. The system brings new levels of speed and intelligence to the valuation review process, with refined business rules and multiple data perspectives to create the most progressive automated review service available from any vendor. ClearQC finds the “needles in the haystacks” for internal review teams. It allows loan originators, servicers, and investors to run all of their valuation reports from any provider through an automated process to highlight complete and well supported valuations, and also flag those needing further attention. “To ensure our appraisals and BPOs consistently lead the market in quality, we’ve spent the last decade developing and refining an advanced internal system to analyze our own valuations prior to human review,” said Kevin Marshall, president and co-founder of Clear Capital. “We were frequently asked by clients if we could run non-Clear Capital valuations through our system as they recognized the lift in quality that ClearQC provides. Now for the first time, we are excited to offer these automated review technologies directly to our customers as a hosted service for any BPO or appraisal, helping create a much more powerful and efficient review process.” ClearQC’s advanced rules evaluate areas of the report such as selection of comparables, price conclusions, the effect of market trends, and the completeness and validity of data. The company provides a full set of pre-defined rules based on best practices learned over a decade of valuation experience, and will also work with customers to develop customized sets of rules to meet their specific business needs. The data used by ClearQC to support the analysis includes MLS data, including sales and listings data, public records, Clear Capital’s HDI (Home Data Index) market data, and the company’s proprietary market and comparable database built up over 11 years. This data powers evaluations of value ranges, selection of comparables, and appropriate vendor proximities and behaviors. “Our mission has always been to provide confidence. ClearQC lives up to that mission by giving our client’s confidence that they are spending the time reviewing the loans that have the highest potential for valuation risk or quality issues," said Marshall. "This shortens review cycles, lowers their review costs, and drives up the confidence they’ll have in their investment decisions."
Mar 28, 2012
6 Federal Agencies Seek Comment On Proposed Rule For AVMs

The rule is intended to ensure the credibility and integrity of Automated Valuation Models.

FHA Proposes New Program To Help Struggling Homeowners

Legal expert questions whether agency has authority to implement the program.

Fitch Places Fannie, Freddie On Negative Ratings Watch

Ties credit rating to outcome of U.S. debt limit negotiations.

FHFA Director Strongly Defends New GSE Pricing Framework 

Tells House committee it’s “simply not true” that financially stronger borrowers are subsidizing others.

MBA CEO Criticizes Government Response To Economic Challenges

CEO Bob Broeksmit calls for sensible Regulation, clarity, and support for the mortgage industry.

Freddie Mac Updates Income Assessment Tool To Use Digital Pay Stubs

Says new capability helps lenders calculate borrower income more quickly and precisely.