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NAMB President’s Corner: June 2012

Jul 01, 2012

It is really hard to believe that June has now arrived. The summer weather is here and it seems like yesterday when I took over the presidency of NAMB―The Association of Mortgage Professionals. I must tell you that this job has been really a challenge, trying to balance my NAMB life, my company life and my personal life. If there was a way to extend the day to 48 hours instead of 24, I would be a happy man. But to tell the truth, I wouldn’t change a thing. I am not closing loans like some of my employees or even some of my friends, but being involved in NAMB takes a lot of devotion and time. That is why I want to thank each and every one of the state and national volunteers that we have, because I know firsthand the number of hours that you all spend doing the volunteer thing. My father once told me years ago that it is imperative that you get involved in your business association as soon as you can for several reasons. The main reason is that you really find out what is going on by being involved. The second thing that he told me is something that I will never forget: “Those who can … do! And those who can do more … volunteer!” I have never forgotten that and that has always been my driving force. You see, I am not a person that believes in doing this 50 or 60 or 90 percent of the way. I am a 110 percent-plus guy. Ask any of my friends. I spend countless hours working to perfect my trade, be it in the mortgage business, baseball umpiring or overseeing NAMB. I just won’t accept anything but 110 percent from myself. I have jumped in with both feet and am fully committed. Now I do have some faults also, but that is for another day. What I want to do is motivate you to be involved. I was once asked why I went into the mortgage business. You know, I really don’t feel that I chose it … I think it chose me. I was looking for a job with something that I could use my financial management background, and all of a sudden, the mortgage business was there. I have to believe that is probably the way most of you got your job also. But I have to admit, I just don’t like my job … I LOVE IT! It is a passion with me, and I really like being able to help people and making them happy. It is truly a joy when we get to see with loans closing and the people getting into their home. So why not take this desire to be successful. Take this moment and jump in. We don’t require hours and hours of your time, but we do require participation. Just take two to three hours per week and this would be wonderful. I am sure that most of you spend that much time searching Facebook, the Internet or watching TV. That is all that I am asking. I am so thrilled to see all of the people that have been working on the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau (CFPB) Task Force doing what they can to make sure that we cover all of the bases from the 37 pages that the CFPB put out for the panel. We do have some really dedicated people that are proving to me that we can make a difference in this industry. The CFPB Task Force has proven to wake up some of the giant questions and search for the answers. These talented and motivated individuals are doing a fantastic job working together and we will be making a difference. NAMB’s membership continues to linger in the 5,100 member range for the past four months. There are 113,000 originators out there nationwide, and it’s time that we start working together. I am so tired of hearing, “Why should I join, you are going to represent me anyway” from people that it makes me sick. Kay Cleland is trying all kinds of things to help this association grow, and I think that it is time to ask each member to go out and get one new member each month. If each and every member would do this, we would have an additional 12 members per year, per member, and an additional 60,000 members in a year. To that end, I am bringing back the NAMB Membership Awards Program for this coming year. If you surpass your 12 members, you will get a pin that expresses your excellence and will be entered into a drawing for a fantastic prize at the Annual Conference next June. I am currently working with a company to supply this prize. And you will receive one entry for every 12 people you recruit. In addition, you will also get free registration and a room at NAMB WEST in 2013. Just for going out and recruiting people to join NAMB. Make sure that you start now, we will count all of the members you sign up beginning in June 2012 through June 15, 2013. That gives you a whole year to accumulate members. But remember, this is for new members. This program does not include members whose memberships expired Dec. 31, 2011 or earlier, that get back into the association. We will keep you informed on the progress of this contest throughout the year. So start getting your members now! As we look at the year ahead, many felt that we would no longer be here. I am very proud to say that we proved them wrong. We are still working to make this a stronger association each and every day. In Indianapolis on June 22-23, we will be going over some of the changes that we made in these last 12 months at the 2012 NAMB Annual Mid-Year Meeting and what direction the association is headed in the next 12 months. These topics will all be discussed during the Annual Meeting as part of the Delegate Council Meeting on Saturday, June 23. We have made some changes for next year, and I think that you will really be excited about some of them. So get your reservations made today and come join us for a great Annual Conference. Visit for more information. At the time this article was written, I am unaware of any new Board members who have joined our ranks. But, I do want to say that I appreciate Don Fader for stepping up as vice president and Olga Kucerak for stepping up as secretary. As most of you know, Don has been around the board for a long time and to step up and replace Mike Anderson as VP of NAMB was really a great help. And Olga, thanks for all of the help at secretary. It is one of the most thankless jobs, but she has done a great job. I appreciate both of you very much. As I complete another President’s Corner of National Mortgage Professional Magazine, I am reminded that, in reality, we cannot do all of this alone. My thanks also goes out to Harry Dinham for all of the long talks and questions and answers that helped me get through these months, and Jim Pair, who is working as the longest NAMB past president status of any past president. Both of these men exemplify the status of the past president, and I am thankful that they have been available for whatever question that I may have had during these months. Donald J. Frommeyer, CRMS is president of NAMB—The Association of Mortgage Professionals. he may be reached by e-mail at [email protected].
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