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eLynx Extends Fulfillment Services Alliance With Harland Financial

Oct 23, 2012

eLynx, a portfolio company of American Capital, has announced that Harland Financial Solutions, a strategic technology provider to more than 6,000 financial institutions, will expand its long-standing alliance with eLynx to offer Harland Financial Solutions’ clients electronic delivery, signature, secure collaboration, and print-and-mail fulfillment services using eLynx Expedite. Harland Financial Solutions’ LaserPro and DepositPro clients may now benefit from eLynx’s expertise and proven track record in delivering eFulfillment solutions to the financial services industry. “eLynx has been serving our E3 mortgage origination clients for over 10 years. The expansion of our alliance will build on this strong track record and will leverage eLynx’s comprehensive suite of services and solid reputation in the industry for quality products and excellent customer service,” said Scott Hansen, executive vice president, business development for Harland Financial Solutions. “Extending our alliance with eLynx enables us to expand our offerings to the financial institutions we serve and provide additional value to our clients." Harland Financial Solutions’ clients will have direct access to the eLynx services from within LaserPro and DepositPro lending and compliance solutions, as well as from within E3, a specialized mortgage lending solution. The extension of services allows Harland Financial Solutions’ clients to prepare documents as they do today and then deliver the document packages electronically to consumers, borrowers, and closing agents. The packages can include electronic consent and signatures without a disruption in their processing workflow. To ensure compliance, documents that cannot be delivered electronically are automatically sent to recipients using one of eLynx’s two secure Print-and-Mail centers. “Through this alliance, Harland Financial Solutions makes it possible for its clients to access the eFulfillment capabilities they need to pursue paperless lending from within the applications they use every day without changing their workflow,” said Sharon Matthews, president and CEO of eLynx. “Their clients will experience increased automation, document tracking, and auditing capabilities for compliance. As a result, Harland Financial Solutions’ clients will see higher levels of customer satisfaction and retention and will enjoy reduced fulfillment costs, improved workflow efficiency, and greatly reduced compliance risk."
Oct 23, 2012