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Never Miss an Opportunity to Impress

National Mortgage Professional
Nov 29, 2012

Finding an edge for your business in today’s market usually focuses on adding a new technology, system or application. Mortgage industry participants spend hours on Webinars, conference calls or watching videos of the latest and greatest that will change your business for the better and finally allow you to take the weekend off. The fact is even with all the widgets and wadgets, gidgets and gadgets, the truly successful business models still focus on three fundamental principles: Organization, service and engagement. When the three fundamentals are working well in your business, your clients feel it, your referral partners feel it and you feel it. We felt it too, when we built LoanMarq. LoanMarq is designed by mortgage professionals for today’s marketplace as a simple engagement platform to organize and communicate with your clients and transaction participants and provide the “knock your socks off” customer service that you only see in commercials. We love mortgage loan processors. There it is … we said it … and you know it’s true that the mortgage processor plays a key role in the mortgage transaction that in many cases make or break your deal. They work hard, stay late. They are the magic behind the scenes that gets it done when it needs to be done. We know you cannot live without them. We also know is that they need help. No matter how dedicated, organized and efficient they are, there never seems to be enough hours in a day to get it all done. Automate the love If you had the chance to personally call every client, every day during their transaction, you would. It would be great customer service, you would almost never lose a client and all mortgage catastrophes would be avoided through constant communication. You would if you could inform every referral partner of the status of the transaction that they have entrusted to you. You would also ask for another. No, we will not pretend that LoanMarq will make those calls for you, because it will not. What it will do is send customizable status e-mails and text messages to everyone involved in the transaction when milestones are reached. We have a bunch of teenagers in the back room just sending out texts at 90 words per minute. Just kidding... The smartphone interface is just about complete and every angle will be covered. NOT one size fits all Yes, LoanMarq does come in extra medium! You can customize just about every part of the system. From the interface branding to the process configuration, emails, and text alerts LoanMarq can be reshaped to fit your business. It is not our goal to change what you do or how you do it. It is our goal to offer a tool that can automate and increase the effectiveness of your engagement. Protect your eggs You know what I mean! Your business means something to you. It takes time, effort and money to yield transactions. Not every strategy works the first time or every time. We have all lost deals to competitors and think back to the gaps in service or communication that allowed for that transaction to be taken from us. LoanMarq will help you close the gaps. Having an air-tight engagement platform will keep you in front of your clients when you need to be, answer questions before they are asked and keep competitors from exploiting a moment of doubt or indecision. Turn your business into more business We all talk about it and LoanMarq helps you do it. By engaging the client at a high level, they are more likely to send you additional business at the most optimal time (that is during the transaction). Real estate agents will naturally send you more business due to your high level of engagement. Simply put. Your level of service makes them look good. Mike Cox has been active in the mortgage industry for more than 12 years. He is currently a mortgage sales consultant and strategist working with companies across the country, films a daily video blog educating consumers called “Rates In Motion” and is also an owner and chief executive officer of Quality Lender Services (QLS). LoanMarq is a software application than was acquired and enhanced by QLS in 2012. If you would like to contact Mike, he may be reached directly by e-mail at [email protected] or call (800) 705-7921.
Nov 29, 2012