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WCS Lending Revamps its Wholesale Lending Division

Apr 17, 2013

WCS Lending has revamped its wholesale lending division as part of its plan to significantly increase the company’s loan volume and customer base throughout 2013 and 2014. The re-introduction of WCS’ wholesale program includes expanded program offerings, improved pricing, and redesigned infrastructure, with the ultimate goal of establishing itself as a vital part of the mainstream wholesale mortgage market and becoming the most trusted partner for wholesale lending within the origination community. WCS’ wholesale division’s new product line includes a wider range of mortgage products. In addition to conventional, FHA and VA loans, WCS is one of the few wholesale lenders to offer USDA loans. The company will also be adding portfolio jumbo loans to its offerings within the next several weeks. “We’ve got a plan that takes great care of our loyal, longstanding customers, while allowing us to quickly expand into more markets and still deliver on our trademark quality, service and speed,” said Rouvaun Walker, WCS’ wholesale divisional manager in California. “I think the mortgage broker community is going to be shocked at how much of a difference it makes when a wholesale lender invests in the best technology, hires more knowledgeable and seasoned staff, and offers a full suite of loan products.” As part of its growth initiative, WCS Lending has reinforced the division’s infrastructure by creating the policies and workflow that will support exponential growth and implementing new loan origination and accounting software. Industry veterans Sharon Bitz, the company’s national head of wholesale lending who has 35 years of experience, and California divisional manager Walker, who has 22 years of industry experience, are guiding the expansion of WCS’ wholesale division. “There is a demand for the products, service and expertise WCS provides,” said Bitz. “Loan originators need wholesale lenders that function like true partners; otherwise they can end up losing a lot of time, or even entire transactions. All of the changes we’ve made have enhanced our ability to function as a true partner to the origination community. We’re looking forward to the growth we have planned for the next two years.”
Apr 17, 2013