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Specialized Business Software Implements New Discovery Process

Jul 23, 2013

Specialized Business Software (SBS) has implemented its four-step discovery process to enable Property and Casualty agencies and carriers to use customized software to boost profitability and eliminate errors and redundancy. SBS’ discovery process focuses on producing a strategic plan that reduces the time it takes to develop the software, implement the system and train employees in its use, while keeping insurers and agencies involved and in control of the development process. Elements of the discovery process include: ►Face-to-face planning meeting where SBS leads discussions on improving key business processes and solicits feedback from employees at all levels ►Comprehensive technology audit of the client’s existing system based on the planning meeting ►Using information derived from both the planning meeting and the audit to speed up the development of the system and the training of employees ►Transparency throughout the entire process to keep the client informed of the progress of the project The discovery process also enhances the value of any additional consulting services provided by SBS regarding implementation, training and use of custom technology to achieve faster results. “The SBS discovery process enables P&C insurers to achieve a better ROI because it focuses on enhancing key factors that increase clients’ profitability while reducing the cost of less efficient and costly manual practices,” said Steve Wiser, CEO of SBS.
Jul 23, 2013