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The 25 Most Connected Mortgage Professionals in 2013
Aug 12, 2013

The 25 Most Connected Mortgage Professionals is a list of mortgage professionals selected by their peers and the staff at NMP who are highly connected on social networks and/or have a heavy influence on social media at large. These individuals have a large number of real followers on Twitter, a lot of "Likes" on Facebook or have a very popular blog or video show. In one or more of these respects, they're considered to be one of the mortgage industry's 25 Most Connected Mortgage Professionals.   Jason Berman Facebook: Twitter: @jbinfrisco, @jbermangroup, @mtgtechsummit Jason Berman is a mortgage originator based in Summit County, Colo. He also hosts Mortgage Tech Summit, a technology conference for mortgage originators that coalesces every six to nine months in warm destinations around the U.S. The conference attracts top industry professionals from around the country who gather to discuss emerging technologies in the mortgage origination vertical.   Vladimir Bien-Aime’ Blog: Facebook: LinkedIn: Vladimir Bien-Aime’ is a well-respected expert in the valuation mortgage technology space. He is constantly evangelizing on how organizations can increase efficiencies, effectiveness, profitability and manage risk.   Chris Brown Facebook: Twitter: @chris_brown_ Chris Brown rocks it when being meaningful with his social media connections. "Online only magnifies who you are offline. Be cool."       Rob Chrisman Blog: After officially retiring in 2008 from a career in capital markets, many in the industry came to know Rob Chrisman through his daily commentary that is sent out five to six days per week. “I merely am trying to help the industry keep up on the many changes that it goes through every week,” said Chrisman.   Ricardo Cobos Blog: Facebook: Twitter: @ricardocobos LinkedIn: Ricardo Cobos said, “Because I’ve always used technology to improve my business model, when the tried and true methods of lead generation with real estate agents, builders and direct mail campaigns began to wane in 2008, migrating to social media was an easy shift for me. Since then, the most valuable lesson I have learned is where to invest my time and money. For me, e-mail, Facebook ads, Twitter, LinkedIn and my own self-hosted, personally branded blog,, has been the most rewarding.”   Marc Demetriou Twitter: @mdemetriou2 LinkedIn: Marc Demetriou has become one of the most trusted and respected mortgage bankers in the state of New Jersey, especially among the accounting and legal community where he is called upon frequently as an expert panelist and speaker. In 2005, NJBIZ named him one of their "Forty Under 40," an award honoring the 40 most successful New Jersey business leaders under the age of 40.     Frank Garay and Brian Stevens Web site: Frank Garay and Brian Stevens are the hosts of the extremely popular online show, The National Real Estate Post. Frank and Brian made the Inman 100 in 2010, a list of the top 100 most influential people in the real estate industry along with several other notable achievements. Their mortgage and real estate commentary video blog has had 50 million-plus views in under five years.     Amy Goldstein Facebook: Twitter: @amybmic LinkedIn: Amy Goldstein has been a senior mortgage broker for BMIC Mortgage in Rockville, Md. for the past 13 years. Amy loves social media outlets because it gives her the ability to reach an audience that is not necessarily aware about mortgage happenings!  Dan Green Blog: Twitter: @mortgagereports Dan Green is a loan officer with Waterstone Mortgage in Cincinnati, Ohio. His blog, The Mortgage Reports, launched in 2004 and today, it's widely considered the premier U.S. mortgage blog for consumers.     J. Scott Harris Facebook: Twitter: @harrisjscott LinkedIn: J. Scott Harris has 5,000 Facebook Likes and 6,400-plus LinkedIn connections. He sends his past client, real estate agent and industry database of more than 20,000 monthly e-mails to stay in touch and keep them informed. He also runs three monthly networking events that attract between 300-400 total.   Brittney Haven Facebook: LinkedIn: A consummate relationship builder, Brittney Haven's talents were quickly recognized when she joined VirPack as a customer relationship manager in March 2012. In just over a year's time, she was promoted to manager of customer relationships and implementations, the position she currently holds. Britt's career has escalated in alignment with VirPack's growth overall, helping to solidify the company as a premier platform in the mortgage industry. Britt is well-respected with customers, partners and peers, and her outreach and engagement aligned with her business strategy has helped VirPack achieve double-digit profitability the past several years.   Anny Havland Facebook: Twitter: @annyhavland YouTube: Anny Havland, social media and video queen, is an original founder of Neighborhood Mortgage. She is known for her online show, Talk It Up TV, a program she started from her own community to spread positive messages and help those in need.  She also enjoys helping others get into video marketing.     Julian Hebron Blog: Twitter: @thebasispoint Julian Hebron's content appears on CNBC, WSJ, CNNMoney, Marketwatch, TheStreet and more. Top housing execs, journalists and policymakers rely on his @TheBasisPoint feed for straight talk from the retail lending trenches.    John H.P. Hudson Facebook: Twitter: @Premier_Hudson YouTube: John H.P. Hudson recently served as the 2012-2013 Government Affairs Chairman for NAMB—The Association of Mortgage Professionals and worked to shape the future of the mortgage market. "My job with NAMB is to fight for brokers and loan professionals. My job with Premier Nationwide Lending is to help my business partners close and fund more loans. My team and I have been effective because we have embraced the use of social media to effectively get our message across. Facebook, YouTube, Twitter, and LinkedIn have helped me educate thousands of mortgage professionals on industry issues affecting them,” said Hudson.   Dustin Hughes Facebook: Dustin Hughes’ Facebook group, Hughes’ Troop, has more than 2,400 members, many of which are mortgage professionals. This group follows Dustin’s journey as he battles brain cancer. This group is a source of inspiration and hope for those who admire Dustin’s courage and strength in this trying time.   Dan Keller Blog: Twitter: @dankellermtg YouTube: Dan Keller is using LinkedIn recommendations, Yelp reviews, and his blog to connect directly with homebuyers and real estate agents in the Seattle market. Dan also uses video e-mail and video texts to raise the level of communication and conversion in an industry that traditionally lacks in those departments. Todd LaBorwit Facebook: Twitter: @todd_laborwit LinkedIn: Todd LaBorwit has been in the mortgage business since 1997. He is skilled in developing strategies to maintain a high client retention and referral rate. He operates with the highest level of integrity and focuses on empowering his clients, and is known in his community as a professional who truly cares. Todd specializes in working with financial advisors, attorneys, CPAs and real estate agents. Todd is also the founder of, where a tree is planted and the client receives a coin of authentication.   David Lykken Facebook: Twitter: @davidlykken LinkedIn: David Lykken, a 40-year veteran of the mortgage industry is a leading mortgage industry business strategy consultant as well as an industry spokesman commenting as a guest on FOX, CNBC, CBS Evening News, Bloomberg radio and NPR, and many radio shows. Additionally, he started a LinkedIn discussion group called “Loan Originator Compensation & New Rules” which continues to grow and now has over 6,000 members, as well as having his own weekly podcast radio program called “Lykken On Lending” that can be heard nationally each Monday at noon Central Time by visiting   Mark Madsen Facebook: Twitter: @mark_madsen Mark Madsen manages a portfolio of more than 13,800 consumer-focused mortgage and real estate niche Web sites which has produced more than 42,100 organic mortgage leads from top search engine marketing strategies in the month of May alone. He runs the largest mortgage professional network on Google Plus, as well as a few very active private mortgage and real estate blogging communities on Facebook.   Justin McHood Facebook: Twitter: @jmchood Justin McHood has been in the mortgage business since 2003 and has made the transition from offline to online when it comes to talking about mortgages. You can find him on various mortgage and real estate industry blogs discussing mortgage topics as well as Twitter and Facebook. He is based in Phoenix, Ariz. and works with a number of different organizations helping them with their mortgage lead generation efforts.   Jeffrey Nelson Facebook: Twitter: @jefflnelson LinkedIn: Jeffrey Nelson is a mortgage and financial executive with 25 years in wholesale and retail mortgage originations. Positions Jeff has held include president, executive vice president, senior vice president, national and regional sales manager for private and public companies. Jeff produces a weekly show on the economy for KDPI FM community radio. Currently works in retail mortgage originations as a Regional Manager for Gateway Funding DMS LP based out of his offices in Sun Valley, Idaho.   Lewis Poretz Facebook: Twitter: @lewisporetz LinkedIn: A 20-plus-year veteran of the mortgage industry and early adopter of social media, Lewis Poretz’s online presence includes 9,000-plus Twitter followers, Twitter chat host, 4,200-plus LinkedIn connections, Linkedin group builder, a "Rainmaker,” Zillow Mortgages Unzipped featured blogger, and speaker at conferences in the U.S. and Canada discussing social media for the mortgage and real estate industries. Poretz is a branch recruiter for AnnieMac Home Mortgage.   Adam P. Smith Facebook: Twitter: @adampsmith1 YouTube: Adam P. Smith is the President of The Colorado Real Estate Finance Group, Inc., a Commercial and Residential Real Estate Finance Firm. During his career he has helped thousands of clients, both individuals and corporations, in their goals regarding real estate finance as well as both personal and corporate finance and has personally written billions of dollars in mortgage and finance deals.   Brandon Snider Facebook: Twitter: @cfmbrandon LinkedIn: Brandon Snider has attracted more than 3,500 fans for his Facebook Page by constantly posting engaging and relevant content to his fans, comprised of real estate agents, as well as past and "future" clients. He also has more than 2,700 “Friends” on his personal Facebook profile, 600-plus connections on LinkedIn and nearly 400 followers on Twitter.     John G. Stevens Facebook: Twitter: @johnglenstevens LinkedIn: John G. Stevens has had the privilege of serving on the board of directors for both the Utah Association of Mortgage Professionals (UAMP) as well as NAMB—The Association of Mortgage Professionals. His desire to serve and help others is what makes him stand out as a pillar in this ever-changing industry.
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