Nationwide Appraisal Network Adds Automated QC Function

Nationwide Appraisal Network Adds Automated QC Function

October 29, 2013

Nationwide Appraisal Network has announced that it has added an automated quality control tool to its platform. Lenders are committed to improved quality control and this tool ensures that clients receive appraiser reports in which errors are reduced 60 percent or more. That allows underwriting to perform their work faster and complete more files with improved accuracy and reduced costs.
"There is always the question of which is better, manual quality control or automated quality control? We believe it’s a combination of both if you have the right automation, in our case a customized version of RealView from Platinum Data Solutions, to complement clients’ manual processes,” said Joni Pilgrim, Nationwide Appraisal Network co-founder and director of sales and marketing.
Nationwide Appraisal Network recognizes the importance of developing and supporting flexible, scalable technology that makes the process simple —especially under the new regulations.
“Adding an automated quality control feature to our QC process saves time, identifies and eliminates errors, and provides our clients with appraisal reports quicker so underwriting can do its work faster, more confidently, and more accurately,” said Cari Burris, co-founder and director of operations and finance for Nationwide Appraisal Network. “When clients receive the appraisals, the information has been verified and the errors have been fixed. They even have the option to add an AVM to the final delivered appraisal for further verification.”