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Powering Through Change: Six Steps for Making Change Work for You

Sharon Bitz
Apr 04, 2014

Everyone must find their own way of dealing with change. Yet, because change is the norm in the mortgage industry—new regulations, new market conditions, new products, new employers—handling change effectively is an essential skill. Here are six steps that experts point to as strategies for not only dealing with change, but for powering through it on the way to accomplishing your goals. 1. Be flexible Don’t be so regimented and set in your ways that unexpected events knock you off your stride. When facing an unplanned situation, take the time to plan out alternative ways of addressing it. Break the problems into smaller bite-sized pieces and think of them as a puzzle to solve. Your calm and calculating approach to change will enable you to remain focused on results and will provide a clear differentiation from your competitors. 2. Maintain a positive attitude We have heard it a million times, but it never loses relevance—our attitude impacts our performance. Psychological research clearly demonstrates that the ability to handle stress and not develop negative feelings about the particular circumstances we face produces more effective decision-making. 3. Live in the present One of the great life lessons a co-worker of mine credits to his father: “When facing a difficult challenge, simply do what is next.” The problem in front of us is the key to moving forward, so give it your undivided attention. 4. Ask for help More sage advice I received from a college professor: “If you need or want something, ask for it.” There are people all around us willing to provide their time, expertise or simply an ear to aid us in solving a problem or meeting a challenge. Use these resources and be that resource when the opportunity arises. 5. Don’t sweat the small stuff Every day is filled with thousands of actions and interactions. Some are vastly more important than others in pursuit of our goals. Don’t get bogged down or discouraged by failure to master every detail of your day. Keep your attention and your energy focused on the crucial tasks and moments each day brings. 6. Focus on your foundation Never lose sight of who you are and why you do what you do. Values and inspiration should never be out of our mind. Being grounded provides a platform from which we can do our best work. We have all heard the expression, “Keep your head when everyone around you is losing theirs.” By following these six steps, you will not only handle change, but also use it as an opportunity to power ahead. Sharon Bitz is the national head of wholesale lending for WCS Lending, one of the largest privately-held mortgage banks in the U.S. that has been recognized as an Inc. 5000 honoree for the fourth consecutive year. WCS, which is licensed in 49 states, has offices in Florida, New York, California, Michigan, Maryland, Delaware, Ohio and Hawaii and generates $2 billion-plus in loans annually. She may be reached by phone at (916) 996-1620.
Apr 04, 2014