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NAPMW Report: Where Mentoring Matters

Candace Smith
Jan 03, 2014

A career in today’s mortgage industry is complex. Professionals are tasked daily with learning a wide variety of regulations, procedures, policies and guidelines. While the necessity of keeping up with changes is important, business to expand personal leadership skills. Professionals are looking for options that can help them grow professionally and personally. Careers are demanding. Everyone needs advice and support and vision in today’s business world. NAPMW encourages and supports mentor relationships to enhance the personal and professional development of its members. In the simplest terms, a mentor is an individual who guides a less experienced person by building trust and modeling positive behaviors. An effective mentor understands that his or her role is to be dependable, engaged, authentic, and tuned into the needs of the mentee. NAPMW creates an optimal venue by bringing together experienced mortgage professionals with those who want to increase their opportunities. While professional coaching which focuses on performance based development is important and has its place; mentoring is without an agenda and focuses on an individual’s goals and provides a two-way relationship to offer support and guidance. Kelly Hendricks, national vice president for NAPMW, is a member of the St. Louis Association. Her mentor saw her potential early on and introduced her to NAPMW. “She believed in my potential. I was very new to the mortgage business and she saw something in me that I had not seen in myself,” said Hendricks. Due to her involvement in NAPMW, Kelly took on additional opportunities in her career. Today, as an underwriting manager for First State Bank of St. Charles, the experience has taught her to balance her personal and professional life. She feels she uses all that she has learned in her career and even in her family. From the national level to the Local level, this organization actively encourages and supports mentoring by encouraging each member to actively mentor one another. As an association, less experienced leaders reach out to peers to support them. All levels of this organization are self-managed, so the need to understand leadership skills is key to its success. Leaders in the organization value this experience. Current NAPMW National Vice President (Eastern Region) Kimberly Rozell, CME is a mortgage officer with CFCU Community Credit Union in Ithaca, N.Y. Earlier in her career, she took advantage of a mentor relationship with current NAPMW National President-Elect Christine Pollard. Both have been active members for several years of the Central New York Association. “Chris offered me positive support when I needed it,” said Rozell. “She provided me with support, guidance and information. She encouraged me to step outside the box and take on leadership opportunities.” This experience has helped Kimberly in her career as well. She took opportunities to become involved in NAPMW eventually leading the Central New York Association before taking on Regional and National Offices. Over the last year, NAPMW created the Choose to Lead Program, a unique program that offers support for all members by creating ongoing education in leadership development. For new leaders, basic leadership skills are discussed in their Boot Camp Series. For all leaders, regardless of experience levels, the Leadership Series drills down to more specific guidelines. Included in this is an active mentorship program linking individuals who desire mentoring with more experienced leaders. Kimberly Rozell feels that good mentor relationship programs grow from a desire to grow and learn. She advises others not to be afraid to ask someone to become a mentor. It can make such a difference in anything you choose to do professionally. Kelly sums up the mentor experience as follows, “The essence of NAPMW is that it is a way to build and grow who you are. With drive and motivation, it polishes the raw talents and helps develop you into something exceptional.” NAPMW will celebrate its 50th Anniversary in Seattle, Wash. from May 15-17, 2014. It will offer a wide range of industry education in addition to leadership development. Take the opportunity to experience all that NAPMW has to offer. Check out a local or nationwide event near you by visiting Candace Smith, CMI, CME is immediate past national president of NAPMW. She is a 35-year veteran in the mortgage industry and is an underwriter with WR Starkey Mortgage in Plano, Texas. She holds professional designations in Mortgage Instruction and Ethics through the Institute of Mortgage Lending. She has been awarded NAPMW’s National Education Innovator, Leader of the Year and Spirit Award.
Jan 03, 2014